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Power Pop Plus: The Best of 2019

There was plenty of fine music in 2019 and here are John M. Borack;s choices for the best of the best— albums and songs — for the Power Pop Plus blog/column.
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By John M. Borack

There was plenty of fine music in 2019 and here are my choices for the best of the best— albums and songs. Some of the names will be familiar to you and many won’t, but I encourage you to not only check out these particular artists, albums and tracks, but also to keep supporting independent music in general. I listened to a lot of new stuff again this year and it was tough to whittle the list down to 20 (and 25), but I’m of the opinion that these sorts of year-end lists become difficult to process the longer they get. You know, information overload and all that. But what do I know? Anyway—away we go…

LannyFlowers Home


  1. Lannie Flowers – Home (SpyderPop Records)
  2. Nick Frater – Full Fathom Freight-Train (Kool Kat)
  3. The Brothers Steve - #1 (Supermegabot)
  4. The Dates – Ask Again Later (Burger)
  5. The Resonars - No Exit (Trouble in Mind)
  6. The Persian Leaps - Electrical Living (Land Ski)
  7. Jordan Jones - Jordan Jones (Spaghetty/Beluga)
  8. The Rubinoos - From Home (Yep Roc)
  9. The Speedways – Just Another Regular Summer (Rum Bar)
  10. Dime Box Band – Happy (Avebury)
  11. Brad Marino - Extra Credit (Rum Bar)
  12. Scott Gagner – Hummingbird Heart (Self released)
  13. The Whiffs - Another Whiff (Dig!)
  14. Jeff Lynne’s ELO - From Out of Nowhere (Columbia)
  15. Slumberjet - World of Sound (Broken Lullaby)
  16. David Brookings & the Average Lookings - Scorpio Monologue (Self released)
  17. Geoff Palmer - Pulling Out All the Stops (Rum Bar)
  18. Eytan Mirsky – If Not Now…Later (Self released)
  19. The Jellybricks - Some Kind of Lucky (Wicked Cool)
  20. The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness – Dead Calm (Pretty Olivia)

TOP 25 SONGS OF 2019

Note: This list does not include tracks from albums that appeared in the Top 20. Another note: This would make a crazy-good playlist.

  1. In Deed – “According to You”
  2. The Kariannes – “This Song is a Cure”
  3. Irene Peña – “Own Sweet Time”
  4. The Bobbleheads – “Anne Murray Centre”
  5. The Armoires – “Satellite Business”
  6. The Click Beetles – “If Not Now Then When”
  7. Nick Eng – “Mad Abby”
  8. Lannie Flowers – “Summer Blue”
  9. Charlie Faye & the Fayettes – “Baby We’ll Be OK”
  10. The Pernice Brothers – “The Devil & the Jinn”
  11. The Cassettes – “She Gets What She Wants”
  12. The Muffs – “A Lovely Day Boo Hoo”
  13. The Lolas – “Indigo”
  14. White Reaper – “Headwind”
  15. Johnathan Pushkar – “We Could Be Together”
  16. The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club – “Starpower”
  17. The Rembrandts – “Broken Toy”
  18. Sofa City Sweetheart – “Stop the Thinking”
  19. The Lunar Laugh – “Welcome to the World”
  20. The Rallies – “If You Do”
  21. The Vapour Trails – “The Inner Truth”
  22. ANC4 – “Broken Tune”
  23. Sex Clark Five – “Cosmic Brain”
  24. The Well Wishers – “Back Door”
  25. The Junior League – “Falling in Love”