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Premiere of new video from HAWK (feat. Gary Louris and Ken Stringfellow)

Here is a premiere of Hawk's new video, "Around The Sun" (above), a song off of the album, "Bomb Pop." And read what bandleader David Hawkins has a lot to say about the song's meaning.

On May 4th, the rock band Hawk, led by the enigmatic American artist David Hawkins, released its highly-anticipated new album, Bomb Pop, featuring the all-star lineup of Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash, Elliot Smith) on drums, Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, R.E.M., Big Star) on bass, vocals, keyboards and guitar, and Gary Louris (The Jayhawks, Ray Davies) on vocals, and longtime Hawk and Be guitarist Aaron Bakker. Hawkins, also leader of the orchestral folk-rock band Be, is an acclaimed abstract painter and co-founder of the avant-garde ‘happening’ group The Black Mountain Collective.

Here is a premiere of Hawk's new video of "Around The Sun" (above) off of the album Bomb Pop. Here's what David Hawkins has to say about the song:

 David Hawkins of Hawk. Publicity photo.

David Hawkins of Hawk. Publicity photo.

Quotes from David Hawkins of Hawk:

"This song is about perspective and free will. And love, of course. The second line, “How many lives did it take to get to this moment we’re in” meditates on the fact that all of these years of unfolding, all of human evolution, has brought us to this very moment. We’re the culmination of all of those eons of becoming; what are you going to do with your precious time? What will you bring to the table? I like that perspective; It brings a heightened sense of awareness and importance to the moment and our time here. 

And then, conversely, in the chorus; “We’re just going around the sun” brings another reality; that in some ways we’re insignificant and powerless as we hurtle through space and our lives. Those two opposing viewpoints kind of sums up our reality, and the two paths we can go down...the choice is yours.

I think the recording really captures the emotion of the song too; Pete Thomas’ powerful drumming, the crunch of the guitars, the sweet static piano line, Ken Stringfellow’s and Gary Louris’ soaring accompaniment on vocals...just perfect. Sometimes I have to pinch myself; I somehow ended up in one of the best bands in the world! (Laughs). I’m honored to have these guys playing with me. 

We shot the video near Joshua Tree at our remote recording hideaway in California’s high desert, and at Ken Stringfellow’s studio in Seattle."

video credits:

Written, Directed and Videography by David Hawkins

Starring Ken Stringfellow, David Hawkins and Randy Morris.

Edited by David Hawkins

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