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Publishers, record labels produce new crop of books and discs

Here's our Oct. 15, 2012, update on vinyl records, CDs, Blu-rays, DVDs and music-related books. Featured artists include Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Peter Garbriel and Freddie Mercury.

Record labels and publishing houses have a new crop of books, vinyl records, CDs and DVDs out. Entries are listed by release date in the order of artist name, title, label/publisher, format and additional information.

Bob Dylan, Tempest (Columbia) 2 V LP + CD.
XX, Coexist (Young Turks) V LP, CD.
David Byrne and St. Vincent, Love This Giant (4 ad Records). CD, V LP.
Patterson Hood, Heat Lightning Rumbles in The Distance (Ato Records) CD, V LP.
Raveonettes, Observator (Vice Records) V LP, CD.
Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones, Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago (Eagle Rock) 2 V LP.
The Rolling Stones, Some Girls (Eagle Rock) DVD + 2 V LP. Features a performance at Fort Worth, Texas, in 1978.
George Martin, Produced By George Martin (Eagle Rock) DVD, BR.
Tom Tom Club, Downtown Rockers (Nacional Records) V LP.
Calexico, Algiers (ANTI Records) V LP, CD.
Seapony, Falling (Hardly Art) V LP, CD.
The Presets, Pacifica (Modular/Casablanca) V LP, CD.
2 Chainz, Based On A T.R.U. Story (Def Jam) 2 V LP, CD.
Amanda Palmer, Theatre Is Evil (Alliance Entertainment) V LP, CD.
Neil Halstead, Palindrome Hunches (Universal Republic) V LP, CD.
Massive Attack, Protection (Virgin Records) V LP, CD. I.
The Chemical Brothers, Exit Planet Dust (Virgin Records) AC, V LP, CD. I.
NOFX, NOFX Self/entitled (Fat Wreck Chords) V LP, CD.
The Helio Sequence, Negotiations (Sub Pop) V LP, CD.
Thee Oh Sees, Putrifiers II (In The Red Records) V LP, CD.
Massive Attack, Blue Lines (Virgin Records) AC, V LP, CD. I.
Marco Benevento, TigerFace (The Royal Potato Family) V LP, CD.
Loscil, Sketches From New Brighton (no label listed) CD, V LP.
King Cyst, Real Pussy (Underwater Peoples Records/Frenchkiss Label Group) V LP.
My Morning Jacket, Outta My System/Remixes Y Friendz (Ato Records) V S.
Billie Holiday, Lady Day — The Ultimate Collection (Cleopatra). V LP.
Various artists, Traces One (Recollection Grm) V LP.
Sea Wolf, Old World Romance (Dangerbird Spain) V LP, CD.
Daft Punk, Daft Club (Virgin Records) V LP, CD. LE, I.
John Cage, John Cage Shock (Em Records) V LP.
Turbo Fruits, Butter (Serpents and Snakes Records) V LP, CD.
Residents, Duck Stab (Cryptic Corp.) AC, CD, V LP.
Other Lives and Atoms For Peace, Tamer Animals/Other Side (50 Weapons) V EP.
Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, L.A.M.F.: The Lost ‘77 Mixes (Jungle) V LP, CD, AC. I.
King Tubby, Metts Rockers Uptown (Get Onn Down) V S, 3 discs.
Anworth Kirk, Shacklecross (Pre-Cert Home Ent.) V LP. LE.
Hot Chip, Made in the Dark (EMI Music) V LP, CD. LE.
Solos, Beast of Both Worlds (Joyful Noise Records) V LP, CD.
Breakbot, One Out Of Two (Because Music) V LP.
LCD Soundsystem, LCD Soundsystem (DFA Records) V LP. LE.
Chico Freeman and Brainstorm, Threshold (In + Out Records) V LP, CD.
Charlie Haden, Nightfall (In + Out Records) V LP, CD.
Vincent Chancey, Welcome Mr. Chancey (In + Out Records) V LP, CD.
Mark Fell, Sentielle Objectif Actualit (no label listed) V LP, CD.
Weather Report, Live in Berlin 1975 (Made in Germany Music) V LP, CD.
Charlie Haden, The Private Collection (Naim Audio Ltd) 3 V LPs.
Norah Jones, Little Broken Hearts (Analogue Productions) V LP, CD. RM.
Pusherman, Donuts (Audio Doughnuts) V EP.
Chris Tietjen, 341 (Cocoon) V EP.
Kassel Jaeger, Deltas (Editions Mego) V LP.
Wake and Lawrence Grey, Oakland Blackout/Claustrophilia (Proximal Records) V S.
S.Y.P.H., 4 (Made In Germany Music) V LP.
Niko Schwind, We Are The Future (Stil Vor Talent) V EP.
Lee Burton, Busy Days for Fools Remixes Part 1 (Klik Records) V S.
Motor, Hyper Lust (Clr) V S.
Metronomy, Late Night Tales (Late Night Tales) V LP, CD.
Bonaparte, Quarantine (Staatsakt) V EP.
Adriatique, Bodymovin (Diynamic) V EP.
Jackie McLean, 4, 5 & 6 (Analogue Prod.) V LP.
Hans Koller, Out On The Rim (In + Out) V LP, CD.
Terror Babe, Knights (Because Music) V LP.
Various artists, 50 Weapons of Choice #20-29 (50 Weapons) V LP, CD.
Crass, Stations of the Crass (no label listed) V LP. RI.
Aksel Friberg, To Be There With You/Viking Line (Running Back) V EP.
Brody’s Militia and Antiseen, Primal Roar (Give Praise Records) V EP split.
Esplendor Geometrico, Acero Del Partido/Heroe Del Trabajo (Geometrik) V LP, CD. LE.
Otis Clay, I Can’t Take It (Fat Possum/Ryko) V LP, CD.
Barker and Baumecker, Transsektoral (Ostgutton) V LP, CD.
Audio Werner, Can You Scratch (Hartchef Discos) V EP.
The Pauses/The Great Deceivers, The Beginnings of Things and Formerly/Phontom Strength and Foresight is 50/50 (New Granada) 12-inch split V LP.
Mark Henning, Chicago Sunrise (City Fox) V LP.
Altarboy, Lazy Ass (no label listed) V S.
N. Racker, Flock Toxicant (Pre-Cert Home Ent.) V LP.
Lorelei, Enterprising Sidewalks (Slumberland Records) V LP.
Various artists, Heidi Presents Jackathon James (Get Physical Music) V EP.
Felipe Venegas, Tutu Calling (Hohenregler) V EP.
Thought Broadcast, Emergency Stairway (Editions Mego) V LP.
SWZK, SWZK (Tresor) 2 V LPs.
Nick Edwards, Plekzationz (Editions Mego) V LP, CD.
Various artists, Spiritual Jazz 3: Europe (Jazzman) V LP, CD.
Various artists, Keysound Allstars 1 (Keysound Recordings) V EP.
DJ Sneak, Necessary Evils (Desolat Records) V EP.
Dir En Grey, Dum Spiro Spero (Gan-Shin) 2 V LP.
Sei a, You Can Bring (Simple) V EP.
Charles Cha Cha Saw, Into Morning (Folkways Records) V LP, CD.
Jay Hawkins, At Home With Screamin Jay Hawkins (Music On Vinyl) V LP. I.
Youdometoo, Heart Skips A Beat (Elefant Spain) V S.
Square Room Heroes, Crashed Detail (Claap) V EP.
Safeword, My Love (Mobilee) V EP.
Charlie Haden and Chris Anderson, None But The Lonely Heart (Naim Audio Ltd.) V LP.
Snowblink, Inner Classics (Arts & Crafts) V LP, CD.
Randy Barracuda, Vol. 2 Random Works of Randy Barracuda (Losonofono) V LP.
Francisco Allendes and Paola Poletto, Animals (Desolat Records) V EP.
Lorelei, Enterprising Sidewalks (Slumberland Records) V LP.
Moons, Jennifer (Schnitzel) V S.
Raw Poetic and K-Def, Easy Way Out (Redefinition Records) V EP.
Karai Ete, Duo Fenix (In + Out Records) V LP, CD.
Soap Dodgers, Ill Minded/Contact (Tempa) V EP.
Mathias Mesteno, Boulevard Confessions (Upon You) V EP.
Moebius & Plank, En Route (Bureau B) V LP, CD.
Medline, Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Melting Pot Music) V S.
Hamid, Revolution Bay (Kindisch) V EP.
Helvetia, Nothing In Rambling (Joyful Noise Records) V LP, CD.
Nils Ohrmann, Bon Voyage (Arms & Legs) V EP.
System of Survival, Rough Everytime (Bpitch Control) V EP.
Ian Drennan, The Wonderful World (Underwater Peoples Records/Frenchkiss Label Group) V LP.
Duo Fenix, Karai Ete (In + Out) V LP, CD.
Deckard, Echoes From The Past (Equinox Records) V LP. I.
Mala, Mala in Cuba (Brownswood) V LP, CD.
Cowboy Junkies, Nomad Series (Diverse) V BS, CD BS. LE.
Skinny Puppy, Bootlegged Broke and In solvent Seas (Metropolis Records) 2 V LP.
Eprom, Metahuman (Rwina) 2 V LP.
Olafur Arnalds, Two Songs for Dance (Erased Tapes) V S.
Deadbeat, Eight (Blkrtz) V BS, CD BS.
Exercise One & Mathew Jonson, Lost Forever in a Happy Crowd (Exone) V EP.
Barnard Parmegiani, L’Oeil Ecoute/Dedans-Dehors (Recollection Grm) V LP.
Baby Prince, I Wanna Squeeze You (Double Standard) V EP.
El Palacio De Linaires (Elefant Spain) V LS.
Mario Basanov, Closer (Best Kept Secret) V EP.
Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Ordinary (Music Gweinnt Freund) V EP.
Wild Balbina, Eat Tacos (Elefant Spain) V S.
Agent Ribbons, Let Them Talk (Antenna Farm) V S.
Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble, Entourage (Folkways Records) V LP.
Nick Nikolov and Rompante, Come Down/Save Me From This Chaos (Liebe Detail) V EP.
Hank Mobley, Mobley’s Message (Analogue Prod.) V LP, CD. LE.
Tommy Flanagan, Overseas (Analogue Prod.) V LP, CD. LE.
Gudrun Gut, Best Garden (Monika) V EP.
214, Fuzzy Leash (Yellow Machines) V S.
Tiefschwarz, No Message (Souvenir Music) V EP.
Paleman, All Good (Fulcrum) V EP.
Michel Cleis, Mir a Nero (Pampa) V EP.
Wolfy Vs. Projections, Return of Love (Permanent Vacation) 2 CDs, 2 V LP.
Michael Andres, Spilling A Rainbow (Everloving) CD, V LP.
Altarboy, Lazy Ass (Wonder Wet Records) V EP.
Thomalla, Alftavatn (no label listed) V S.

Bob Dylan Tempest
Calexico Algiers
Sea Wolf Old World Romance
Niko Schwind We Are The Future
Adriatique Bodymovin
The Pauses Great Deceivers
Eprom Metahuman

Grizzly Bear, Shields (Warp Records) CD, V LP.
Rival Songs, Head Down (Earache Records) CD.
Band of Horses, Mirage Rock (Columbia) V LP, CD.
Michael Jackson, Bad (Sony Legacy) CD, V LP PD. 25th anniversary edition.
Pink, The Truth About Love (RCA) V LP, CD.
Imagine Dragons, Night Vision (Interscope) V LP, CD.
Izzy Chait, Winds of Change (Hitchcock Media) CD.
The Groundhogs, Live At The Astoria (Eagle Rock) DVD.
Bob Pressner, King of Nothing (Bob Pressner) CD.
Vision Divine, Destination Set To Nowhere (Eagle Rock) CD.
Peter Gabriel, So Classic Album (Eagle Rock) DVD, BR.
Marillion, Sounds That Can’t Be Made (Eagle Rock) CD.
Under the Psycamore, I (7d Media) CD.


Various artists, The Shag, And How To Do it: Dance Crazes of the Rock “n’ Roll Era (RSK Entertainment) 2 CDs. Features performances by The Diamonds, The Olympics, Bobby Freeman, Dion, The Shirelles, Chubby Checker, The Flares, Tony & Joe, Joey Dee and The Starlighters, The Coasters, Hank Ballard and The Midnighters, Sparkle Moore, Gene Vincent, Johnny Otis Show, Little Anthony and The Iperials, The Barker Brothers, The Jodimars, Danny and The Juniors and more.

Gary Moore, Blues For Jimi (Eagle Rock) CD. Features a special guest appearance by Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox of The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
Stefon Harris, David Sanchez and Christian Scott, Ninety MIles Live at Curadisco (Concord Picante) CD.
Lee Ritenour, Rhythm Sessions (Concord Records) CD.
The Preservation Hall Jazz Band, 50th Anniversary Collection (Legacy) 4-CD DE BS. Features 58 tracks, including five previously unreleased tracks from 19760s, 1970s and 1980s rescued from the studio and restored after Hurricane Katrina.
Pete Escovedo, Live From Stern Grove (Concord Picante) CD.
Freddie Mercury, The Great Pretender (Eagle Rock) DVD, BR. Documentary about the Queen frontman.
Various artists, Dirty Dancing: The Deluxe Anniversary Edition (RCA/Legacy) CD. DE. Includes six ready-to-frame art cards with iconic movie images; a bumper sticker; hardcover package with liner notes by executive producer Jimmy Ienner, producers Michael Lloyd and Leon Medica and producer-performers eric Carmen and Zappacosta.
Various artists, Re-Machined: Deep Purple Tribute (Eagle Rock) CD. Features performances by Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Flaming Lips, Def Leppard, Chickenfoot and Black Label Society.
The Who, Live In Texas ’75 (Eagle Rock) DVD.
Pat Metheny, Ochestrion (Eagle Rock) DVD, 3-D BR.
John Lord, Concerto For Group and Orchestra (earMusic, Eagle Rock). CD, CD+DVD. Featured performers in addition to the late Deep Purple keyboardist are Bruce Dickinson, Joe Bonamassa, Steve MOrse, Darin Vasilev, Brett Morgan, Guy Pratt, Steve Balsamo, Kasia Laska and the Rovyal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Paul Mann.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Emerson, Lake and Palmer (Razor and Tie). 3 CD DE, 180-gram audiophile vinyl LPs. CD set features never-before-released 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes, including previously unheard outtakes. Online purchases at can be bundled to include ELP T-shirts. LP set will be released with the original packaging and track listings.
Freddie Mercury, The Great Pretender (Eagle Rock) DVD, BR. Documentary of the legendary Queen frontman.
Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Tarkus (Razor and Tie). 3 CD DE, 180-gram audiophile vinyl LPs. CD set features never-before-released 5.1 surround sound and stereo mixes, including previously unheard outtakes. Online purchases at can be bundled to include ELP T-shirts. LP set will be released with the original packaging and track listings.
Twisted Sister, Twisted XMas Live in Las Vegas (Eagle Rock) DVD, CD+DVD, 2 V LP. Recorded in Las Vegas; the DVD previously was only available as part of the Twisted Sister “From The Bars to the Stars” 5-DVD boxed set.

Heart, Fanatic (Legacy) CD, V LP.
MColin Hart with Dick Allix, A Hart Life: The LIfe Story of Deep Purple and Rainbow’s Tour Manager (Wymer Publishing) PB. 280 pages.
John Denver, The classic Christmas Album (RCA/Legacy) CD.
Kenny G, The Classic Christmas Album (Arista/Legacy) CD.
Elvis Presley, The Classic Christmas Album (RCA/Legacy) CD.
Luther Vandross, The Classic Christmas Album (Epic/Legacy). CD
Willie Nelson, The Classic Christmas Album (Columbia/Legacy) CD.
Barry Manilow, The Classic Christmas Album (Arista/Legacy) CD.
Keith Elliot Greenberg, December 8, 1980: The Day John Lennon Died (Backbeat Books). PB, 240 pages.
Destiny’s Child, Playlist (Columbia/Legacy)
Spencer Leigh, The Beatles In Liverpool: The Story, The Scene and The Path To Stardom (Chicago Review Press). PB, 128 pages.

ZZ Ward, Til The Casket Drops (Hollywood Records) CD.
Donna Ulisse, All The Way To Bethlehem (Hadley Music Group) CD.
The Lee Boys, Testify (Evil Teen) CD.
Bridgit Mendler, Hello My Name Is ... (Hollywood Records) CD.

The Condors, 3 Item Combo (Label)
Poncho Sanchez and His Latin Jazz Band, Live in Hollywood (Concord Music Group) CD.
Louisiana Red, When My Mama Was Living (Labor) CD. Masters and alternative masters of tracks never released before.

Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ultimate Creedence Clearwater Revival: Greatest Hits and All-Time Classics (Fantasy/Concord music Group) 3-CD set features greatest hits and live recordings.

Willie Nelson, Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die: Musings From the Road (William Morrow). HC, 192 pages. Foreword by Kinky Friedman.
Elvis Presley, Prince From Another Planet (RCA/Legacy) 2 CD + DVD. Includees a hand-held film of the afternoon show, plus a 20-minute press conference.
Woody Herman, Blue Flame: Portrait of a Jazz Legend (Jazzed Media) DVD.
Various artists, A MusiCares Tribute to Barbra Streisand (Shout! Factory) DVD, BR. Featured performers include Tony Bennett, Faith Hill, Diana Krall, Barry Manilow, Seal and Stevie Wonder.

Willie Nelson Rolle Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die

Gary Moore, Blues for Jimi (Eagle Rock). 2 V LPs. CD was released Sept. 25.

Johnny Cash, The Complete Columbia Album Collection (Columbia/Legacy) 63 CD BS features 59 albums from 1958’s ‘The Fabulous Johnny Cash’ through 1990’s ‘Highwayman 2’ with Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson. Of this set, 35 albums will be released on CD for the first time in the U.S. by Columbia/Legacy. Cash’s first 19 albums (1958-1967) will be released on mono on CD for the first time in the U.S. by Columbia/Legacy.

The Grateful Dead, The Grateful Dead Movie (Shout! Factory) 2 DVDs. Includes extensive bonuses; the second DVD has more than 95 minutes of bonus concert footage.
Cherri Bomb, This Is The End Of Control (Hollywood Records) CD.
David Peel & The Lower East Side, Anthology (Global Recording Artists) CD.
John York and Kim Fowley, West Coast Revelation (Global Recording Artists) CD.
The Strawberry Alarm Clock, Wake Up Where You Are (Global Recording Artists) CD.
John York, Fanfare for 2 (Global Recording Artists (CD).
Nirvana ‘69, Cult (Global Recording Artists (CD).
Darryl Holter, Crooked Hearts (213 Music) CD.
The Mannish Boys, Double Dynamite (Delta Groove Music) 2 CDs.
RJ Mischo, Make It Good (Delta Groove Music) CD.
Li’l Ed and The Blues Imperials, Jump Start (Alligator Records) CD.
Johnny Hickman, Tilting (Campstove Records) CD.
Bill Wence, Analog Man in A Digital World (615 Records) CD.
Barbara Carr, Keep The Fire Burning (Catfood Records) CD.
Willi McBlind, Live Long Day (FreeNote Records) CD.
Daveth Milton, We Want The World: Jim Morrison, The Living Theatre and The FBI (Bennion Kearny) PB 144
Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Beethoven’s Last Night: The Complete Narrated Version (Atlantic/Rhino) 2 CDs.
Donny Hathaway, Live + In Performance (Shout! Factory) 2 CDs.
Steve Son, Steve Son (no label listed) CD. Son is a longtime subscriber to Goldmine magazine.
Craig Erickson, Galactic Roadhouse (Blues Bureau International) CD.
Indigenous featuring Mato Nanji, Indigenous (Blues Bureau International) CD.
The 99ers, Move It! (Spinout Records) CD.
Ian Tyson, Raven Singer (Stony Plain) CD.
Delicate Cutters, Ring (Skybucket) CD.
Bruce Kaphan, Quartet (Wiggling Air Records) CD.
Blues Traveler, Suzie Cracks The Whip (429 Records) CD.
Warren Haynes Band, Live AT The Moody Theater (Stax/Concord) 2 CD + DVD
Willie Nelson, Heroes (Legacy) CD.
Foreigner, Alive & Rockin’ (Eagle Rock) CD.
Ingrid Croce with Jimmy Rock, I Got A Name: The Jim Croce Story (Da Capo Press) HC, 320 pages.
Kemp & Eden, Black Hole Lace (Chimera Music) CD, V LP.
Pink Floyd, The Story of Wish You Were Here (Eagle Rock) DVD, BR.
Tweed Funk, Love Is (The Blues Foundation) CD.
The Jimmy Bowskill Band, The Jimmy Bowskill Band (Ruf Records) CD.
Maria Carey, The Essential Mariah Carey (Columbia Legacy) 2 CDs.
Barenaked Ladies, Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before (Rhino) CD.
Paul Mark and The Van Dorens, Smartest Man In The Room (Radiation Records) CD.
Conway Twitty, Lonely Blue Boy (Righteous) CD, V LP. I.
Mike McPadden, If You Like Metallica (Backbeat Books) PB, 156 pages.
Garth Hudson, The Sea To The North: Collector’s Edition (Breeze Hill Records) CD.
The Cheats, Pussyfootin! (Screaming Crow Records) CD.
Manuel Galban, Blue Cha Cha (Concord Picante) CD.
Jimi Hendrix, Jimi Plays Berkely (Experience Hendrix/Legacy) DVD, BR.
Elvis Presley, I Am An Elvis Fan (RCA/Legacy) CD.
David Benoit, Conversation (Heads Up International) CD.
Professor Louie and the Crowmatix, Wings on Fire (Woodstock Records) CD.
Rory Block, I Belong To the Band (Stony Plain) CD.
Little Feat, Rooster Rag (Rounder) CD.
Leon Hendrix, Jimi Hendrix: A Brother’s Story (Thomas Dunne Books) HC, 276 pages.
Mike Stern, All Over The Place (Heads Up International (CD).
Various artists, Jail House Bound: John Lomax’s First Southern Prison Recordings, 1933, WVU Press Sound Archive Volume Nine. (Global Jukebox) CD.
Simply Red, Live At Montreux 2003 (Eagle Rock) DVD, BR.
Bachman & Turner, Live At The Roseland Ballroom, NYC (Eagle Rock) CD.
Rodriguez, Searching For Sugar Man original motion picture soundtrack (Light In The Attic/Legacy Recordings) CD.
Brad Hatfield, Uphill From Anywhere (no label listed) CD.
Gerald Albright and Norman Brown, 24/7 (Concord Jazz) CD.
Royal Southern Brotherhood, Royal Southern Brotherhood (Ruf Records) CD.
Cowboy Copas, Complete Hit Singles A’s & B’s (Real Gone Music) 2 CDs.
The Ad Libs, The Complete Blue Cat Recordings (Real Gone Music) CD.
Little Willie John, Complete Hit Singles A’s and B’s (Real Gone Music) 2 CDs.
Return to Forever, The Mothership Returns (Eagle Rock Entertainment) 2 CDs + DVD + booklet. Features more than 100 minutes of performance on CD plu
Various artists, No Room For Rockstars: The Vans Warped Tour Film (Shout! Factory) DVD. Documentary features bonus performances from the 2010 tour by Descendents, The Damned, Buzzcocks, Suicidal Tendencies, No Doubt, The Specials and Sublime.
Albert Castiglia, Living The Dream (Blues Leaf Records) CD.
The Strata-Tones, Dressed Up to Fess Up (Fruition Records) CD.
Erin Boheme, What A Life (Concord Music Group/Heads U International) CD.
Robert Rodriguez, Revolver: How The Beatles Reimagined Rock ‘n’ Roll (Backbeat Books) PB, 256 pages.
Robert Lamm, Robert Lam Songs: The JVE ReMixes (Blue Infinity/Chicago Records II) CD, V LP.
Danielz, T. Rextasy: The Spirit of Marc Bolan (Wymer Publishing) PB, 270 pages.
The Nighthawks, Damn Good Time (Severn Records) CD.
Mark Dillon, Fifty Sides of The Beach Boys: The Songs That Tell Their Story (ECW Press) PB. 289 pages.
Liz Mandeville, Clarksdale (Blue Kitty Music) CD.
Gary Primich, Just A Little Bit More (Old Pal Records) 2 CDs. With Omar Dykes.
Joe Satriani, Satchurate Live In Montreal (Epic Records) 2 CDs, 3-D BR.
Bela Fleck and The Marcus Roberts Trio featuring Rodney Jordan and Jason Marsalis, Across The Imaginary Divide (Rounder) CD.
George Jones and Jack Scott, Songs For Hank (Righteous) CD. I. Two albums presentedin a single collection: “George Jones Salutes Hank Williams” and the 1961 Jack Scott album “I Remember Hank Williams.
Lisa Biales, Just Like Honey (Big Song Music) CD.
The Hawthorne Effect, Awakefulsleep (no label listed) CD.
Jerry Reed, The Unbeliveable Guitar and Voice of Jerry Reed/Nashville Underground (Real Gone Music (CD).
Various artists, Cameo Parkway Vocal Groups Vol. 1 (Real Gone Music) CD. Features performances by Rick and The Masters, Billy and The Essentials, The Skyliners, The Defenders, The Exceptions, The Tymes, Pookie Hudson and The Spaniels, The Expressions, The Gleems, The Dovells, The Turbans, The Lydells and the Rays.
The Sights, Left Over Right (HRM) CD.
Tav Falco, Panther Burns (Possum Records) 2-CD set.
Lee Ritenour, Overtime (Eagle Rock Entertainment) BR.
The Germs, GI (Real Gone Music) CD.
Big Frank and The Healers, Sparky’s Lounge (LWM) CD.
The City Boys Allstars, When You Needed Me (City Boys) CD.
Marcus Miller, Renaissance (Concord Jazz) CD.
Big Pete Pearson and The Gamblers, Choose (Modesto Blues Records) CD.
Annbjorg Lien, Khoom Loy (Compass) CD.
Ben Taylor, Listening (no label listed) CD.
Lisa McClowry, Lisa McLowry Sings Acoustic Alchemy (Big Deal Records) CD.
Manuel Galban, Blue Cha Cha (Concord Picante) CD.
Nutty, Jetsetter Jazz! The Persuasive Sounds of Nutty (Nutty) CD.
Johnny Mathis, Love Is Everything/Broadway (Real Gone Music) CD. Entire unreleased LP Broadway included.
Johnny Mathis, Tender Is The Night/The Wonderful World of Make Believe (Real Gone Music) 2 CDs.
Buddy Guy, When I Left Home: My Story (Da Capo Press) HC, 280 pages.
Gary Lewis and The Playboys, The Complete Liberty Singles (Real Gone Music) 2 CDs.
Steve MacLean and Chris Cutler, The Year of The Dragon (ReR USA) CD.
Heart, Strange Euphoria (Epic/Legacy) 3 CD + DVD BS. Features anthonogy of hits and fan favorites as well as deep cuts, rarities, demos and live performances.
Biota, Cape Flyaway (ReR USA) CD.
Fai Baba, Snake Snake (ReR USA) CD, V LP.
Qunicy Jones and Friends, Live At Montreux 1996 (Eagle Rock).
Bachman & Turner, Live At The Roseland Ballroom, NYC (Eagle Rock) 2 CDs, DVD, BR.
Duran Duran, A Diamond In The Mind (Eagle Rock), DVD, CD, BR, DE with all three formats.
King Washington, The Gears (no label listed) CD.
Muddy Waters and The Rolling Stones, Live At The Checkerboard Lounge Chicago 1981 (Eagle Rock) DVD + CD, DVD.
Staind, Live From Mohegan Sun (Eagle Rock) CD, DVD, BR.
The English Beat, Keep The Beat: The Very Best of The English Beat (Shout! Factory) CD.
Neil Sedaka, The Show Goes On (Eagle Rock) CD.
Peter Green Splinter Group, Blues Don’t Change (Eagle Rock) CD. Previously only sold at gigs or via the band’s website.
Peter Gabriel, Secret World Live (Eagle Rock) CD, DVD, BR.
Etta James, Live At Montreux 1975-1993 (Eagle Rock) CD, BR, DVD.
Queen, Greatest Video Hits (Eagle Rock) 2 DVDs.
Saga, 20/20 (Eagle Rock) CD.
Gillan & Iommi, WhoCares (Eagle Rock) 2 CD.
Stratovarius, Under Flaming Winter Skies: Live At Tampere (Eagle Rock) 2 CDs.
Stratovarius, Intermission (Eagle Rock) CD.
Stratovarius, Infinite + Intermission (Eagle Rock) CD.
Tarja Turunen, Act One (Eagle Rock) 2 CDs, 2 DVDs, BR.
Tanita Tikaram, Can’t Go Back (Eagle Rock) 2 CDs.
Ozzy Osbourne, Speak of the Devil (Eagle Rock) DVD. RM. From the 1982 tour supporting “Diary of A Madman.” First time officially released on DVD.
Johnnie Bassett, I Can Make That Happen (Sly Dog Records) CD.
Slipknot, Sicnesses Live At Download (Eagle Rock) BR.
Li’l Ronnie and The Grand Dukes, Gotta Strange Feeling (EllerSoul Records) CD.
Tedeschi Trucks Band, Everybody’s Talkin’ (Sony Masterworks). 2 CDs. Live album.
Sylvie Lewis, It’s All True (Sylvie Lewis) CD.
Joe Walsh, Analog Man (Fantasy/Concord Music Group) CD, CD+DVD, V LP.
Melvin Taylor, Beyond The Burning Guitar (Melvin Taylor Guitar) 2 CDs.
Public Image Limited, This is PiL (PiL official) CD. EP also was released for Record Store Day.
The English Beat, The Complete Beat (Shout! Factory) 5 CD BS. Features all three of the group’s stduio albums with bonus tracks, plus two discs of bonus materials.
Queen, Greatest Video Hits (Eagle Rock Entertainment) 2 DVDs. Updated digitally in DTS 5.1 surround sound; features 33 videos plus added commentary from Brian May and Roger Taylor.
Mud Morganfield, Son of The Seventh Son (Severn Records) CD.
Jeffrey Schwartz, The Rock and Roll Alphabet. This alphabetical survey features Chuck Boyd’s photos of rock and roll legends from the 1960s and 1970s, along with history and trivia. Book.