Author of out of print Raspberries book planning a limited run

Out of print for over 20 years, 'Overnight Sensation: The Story of The Raspberries' is in the planning stages for a limited runn via author Ken Sharp.
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Out of print for over 20 years, Overnight Sensation: The Story of The Raspberries, was the first book by long-time Goldmine contributor Ken Sharp and landed a feature in the June 30, 1994 issue of Rolling Stone magazine. The book is also a prized item on the collector’s market with used copies selling for upwards of $300-$800 on the secondary market.

Sharp is planning to release a very small limited repressing of the book and in order to do so, needs to get 150 committed buyers on board.

Overnight Sensation: The Story of The Raspberries is a huge 352-page paperback crammed with interviews, press clippings, rare photos, handwritten lyrics, concert ads, memorabilia, plus a look at pre-Raspberries bands, The Choir, Cyrus Erie, The Quick and much more. It’s the ultimate scrapbook on Raspberries.

If you'd like to own a copy of this critically acclaimed tome, send an email to:

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