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Record Store Recon: Cheapo Records

Goldmine visits one of the several locations of Cheapo Records for Record Store Recon.

By Dr. Disc

Cheapo Records
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Address:2600 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis MN
Shop Hours: M-Sun 10am-10pm
Phone: (612) 827-8238
Web Site:


Cheapo has three locations in Minnesota; Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Blaine They call themselves “The Last Authentic Music Stores,” and while there are other great stores this one is near the top. Cheapo has everything in a record store you’d want. One of the largest selections of new and used records in the state; T-shirts, posters, DVDs, pins, hats, keychains 45s, LPs, cassettes and CDs are everywhere. They carry cleaning supplies for records, sleeves and storage boxes for your collection.


The staff knows their inventory and are always willing to help with a recommendation. On the day I was there I met one of the store managers who had been there 26 years. He shared stories about the store’s several locations before coming to this spot three years ago.


Think Warehouse, but then think the cleanest one you’ve ever been in. Every style of music! It is so easy to find stuff in this store and everything is easily displayed.


It became harder for me to try to find things the store did not have. Even the used selection had multiple copies of records. If you are looking for it, I would try here before going elsewhere. The prices on the used are some of the best used prices I have found.


Cheapo participates in Record Store Day with a large selection of the special releases. They open early and expect a long line. Bands performing will have their own RSD releases available that day.