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Record Store Recon: Extreme Noise

Extreme Noise advertise themselves as the longest running record store collective in the country. Here is Goldmine's Recon on the store.

EXTREME NOISE. Address: 407 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN. Shop Hours: 12-8pm, Mon-Sun. Phone: 612-824-0100 Web Site:


This store is everything Punk. If you are looking for the latest Debbie Gibson you have come to the wrong store. They stock books, magazines, new and used CDs, 45s, LPs T-shirts, patches…you name it, if it’s punk it can be found here.


On the day I was there I had the opportunity to visit with Mark who has some ownership in this store. I think that what makes this store so special, it was established back in 1994 and is a volunteer run co-op with all of the profits from the store going back into the store and the punk community. Most of their staff sign up for volunteer shifts. What an amazing concept, and they make it work.


It is very easy to see everything that is on display. The display racks do a good job of showing off what is available and the cases have displayed some of the more rare releases and DYI items. It’s a narrow store but it feels right, I would love to see a show in here.


5 for John Q Public but a 9 for the Punk lover. If you are just out looking for a record store to visit, this might not be the one for you. Mark told me how people walk in, look around and walk right out. This store specializes in one thing and they do a great job of meeting that need. You will find imports, old school and new punk.


They advertise themselves as the longest running record store collective in the country. They do participate in Record Store Day, but focused on the punk releases and they do host concerts in store.


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