Reprise releases Neil Young's "Le Noise" as album, film

The eight-song album is a collaboration between the acclaimed rock icon and Lanois, a musician, songwriter, producer and five-time Grammy winner
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Reprise Records has released "Le Noise," the brand-new studio album from Neil Young.

Neil Young

Neil Young's latest project is "Le Noise." Photo courtesy Warner Brothers.

The album is available on 180-gram vinyl, CD and as an MP3. Click here to purchase your copy. A CD+DVD release also is available. The DVD portion, shot by cinematographer Adam Vollick, features eight black-and-white films of Young performing each song solo on acoustic and electric guitar, live in the studio. In November, Reprise also will release a Blu-Ray edition, featuring beautifully shot films of Young by Vollick and producer Daniel Lanois.

The eight-song album is a collaboration between the acclaimed rock icon and Lanois, a musician, songwriter, producer and five-time Grammy winner known for his work with U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Brian Eno, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson and The Neville Brothers.

The tracks are titled: "Walk With Me," "Sign of Love," "Rescue Me," "Love And War," "Angry World," "Hitchhiker," "Peaceful Valley Blvd." and "Rumblin'."
Young and Lanois have crossed paths musically over the years, including Lanois' performances at Young's Bridge School Benefit Concert and Young's performance at Farm Aid, when Lanois was Willie Nelson's music director, but this is the first time the two have recorded together.

Recorded in Lanois' home in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles, "Le Noise" features Young on acoustic and electric guitars with Lanois adding his trademark sonic textures. No band, no overdubs, just "a man on a stool and medoing a nice job on the recording," as Lanois puts it.

"Neil was so appreciative of the sonics that we presented to him," Lanois says. "He walked in the door, and I put an acoustic guitar into his hands — one that I had been working onto build a new sound. That's the multi-layered acoustic sound that you hear on the songs 'Love and War' and 'Peaceful Valley Boulevard.' I wanted him to understand that I've spent years dedicated to the sonics in my home and that I wanted to give him something he'd never heard before. He pickedup that instrument, which had everything — an acoustic sound,electronica, bass sounds — and he knew as soon as he played it that we had taken the acoustic guitar to a new level. It's hard to come up with a new sound at the back end of 50 years of rock and roll, but I think we did it."

After hearing "Le Noise" at Lanois' home, The Los Angeles Times commented: "What's striking about 'Le Noise' is the way it both summarizes and distills Young's singular approach to music, predominantly just Neil and a guitar: his big, white, hollow-body Gretsch electric, slashing and burning for most of the tracks, a couple built around picked and strummed acoustic instruments. Both are recorded and amplified — literally and metaphorically — by Lanois' signature soundscapes that loop vocals and enhance the guitars' bass notes through distortion boxes, synthesizers and other electronics."

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