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Richie Furay to deliver live concert album in April

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee RICHIE FURAY (Buffalo Springfield, Poco, The Southern Hillman Furay Band) — one of the chief architects of the country rock genre — has announced the April 2 release of the live concert album "50TH ANNIVERSARY RETURN TO THE TROUBADOUR."

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee RICHIE FURAY (Buffalo Springfield, Poco, The Southern Hillman Furay Band)--one of the chief architects of the country rock genre--has announced the April 2 release of the live concert album 50TH ANNIVERSARY RETURN TO THE TROUBADOUR (*see his quotes below from the liner notes). It will be released as a double CD and download as well as a single DVD concert film on DSDK Productions, distributed by MRI Entertainment. 

Recorded with The Richie Furay Band at the iconic Los Angeles venue in November 2018, it is comprised of two powerful sets: “Still DeLIVErin,’ which encompasses Buffalo Springfield songs, favored Poco tunes and some of his finest solo work, and “DeLIVErin’ Again,” a front-to-back performance of Poco’s classic 1971 live album DeLIVErin’ plus their 1972 signature song “A Good Feelin’ To Know” with Timothy B. Schmit (who joined Poco in 1969) on vocals.

Notably, the classic DeLIVErin’ album was released 50 years ago this week. In honor of it, FURAY—noted for his unmistakable soulful voice, evocative songwriting, and hard driving guitar playing--has shared the Troubadour performance of the album’s “Kind Woman,” FURAY’s Buffalo Springfield song, 

The Troubadour show was truly a magical evening in many ways. The sold-out concert marked FURAY’s 50th anniversary return to the venue where Poco (originally as Pogo) performed their very first shows in 1968. The evening was marked by Timothy B. Schmit joining FURAY on the Schmit-penned “Hear That Music” from DeLIVErin’ and the above-mentioned “A Good Feelin’ To Know.” Timothy also introduced FURAY onstage after reading a congratulatory note from Cameron Crowe (who intended being at the Troubadour in person but could not make it at the last minute). Timothy then introduced the esteemed artist and producer Peter Asher (Peter & Gordon), who presented FURAY with a commemorative award for his 50th anniversary return to the Troubadour. Also on hand at the show and backstage was Randy Meisner, Poco’s first bass player before Schmit replaced him.


RICHIE FURAY’s quotes from the liner notes:

“Poco released their first “live” album in 1971, it was called DeLIVErin’; here we are 50+ years later and I have re-recorded this iconic album with my “live” band – RFB! I don’t know of any other group that has ever re-recorded a live album from their past catalogue and truthfully, I wasn’t sure it could be done either; but, I took on the challenge and now you get to hear it for yourself. In many respects it was a labor of love because I knew how important the ‘original album was to Poco fans and if RFB didn’t meet the standard, it would be a disappointment. I do not believe you are going to be disappointed. From my viewpoint, we have met and exceeded any expectations. Listen for yourself, but I believe we have captured the heart and soul of the music; even Timothy B. got on board to sing one of his originals. So, I hope you enjoy listening to this recreation - “DeLIVErin’ Again”. Shut your eyes, pretend you’re one of the wall to wall people at the The Troubadour in Los Angeles, California that November evening and turn it up loud.”




CD1: “Still DeLIVErin’”

On The Way Home

Let’s Dance Tonight

We Were The Dreamers

Don’t Let It Pass By

Go and Say Goodbye

Wake Up My Soul

Hard Country

Wind of Change

Anyway Bye Bye



CD2: “DeLIVErin’ Again”

I Guess You Made It


Hear That Music (with Timothy B. Schmit)

Kind Woman

Hard Luck

Child’s Claim To Fame

Pickin’ Up The Pieces

You Better Think Twice

A Man Like Me

Just in Case It Happens, Yes Indeed

Grand Junction

Consequently So Long

Encore: A Good Feelin’ To Know (with Timothy B. Schmit)


Richie Furay Band:

Richie Furay: guitars, vocals

Jesse Furay Lynch, tambourine and vocals

Scott Sellen, guitars, banjo and vocals

Jack Jeckot, keyboards, harmonica, guitar and vocals

Aaron Sellen, bass guitar and vocals

Alan Lemke, drums


Dave Pearlman, pedal steel guitar and dobro

Timothy B. Schmit, vocals