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Ricky Byrd uses PledgeMusic to deliver his message

Ricky Byrd, guitarist for Joan Jett's Blackhearts, is raising money through PledgeMusic to record an important album about recovery.
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Ricky Byrd (above with Paul McCartney), former guitarist for Joan Jett's Blackhearts, is raising money through PledgeMusic to record an important album about recovery. Byrd’s goal is to use this album’s music as a way to keep those who are sick and suffering from addiction alive until Recovery reaches in and grabs them by the heart and soul. Byrd leads his music groups at treatment facilities around the country and he would give this CD out to the patients he plays for. Each pledge will be a pre-order of this new album is raising money through PledgeMusic to record an important album about recovery.

In Byrd's own words:

I have been in recovery for the last 29 years. I’m eternally grateful I managed to escape the life I was living. I found a new way to live clean and sober with the help of others, and once I found my recovery it became a mission to pass the message on to others in need.

I have been a musician most of my life and I have always known music is a bridge to healing. Whether for a broken heart or trying to find a place to fit in in this world music has always been a touchstone to some sort of freedom. A way to get through the tough spots or celebrate the good times.

For the last few years i have combined my recovery with my music..writing songs about Addiction,Recovery, Hope and Inspiration….make no mistake these tunes are Rock and Roll and soulful down to the bone but the message is clear..There is another way to live besides chasing a high.
I suit up and show up for this world every day!!!

I’ve had a chance to play these songs at treatment facilities around the country and the response from the patients has been amazing…I feel I am doing my small part in this war and hopefully I can help someone change direction.

Now it’s time to do a CD of these tunes so I can GIVE THEM OUT TO THE PATIENTS in the music groups I lead..let them take the sounds and lyrics home so they can listen when the going gets tough…like I used to.
Sometimes a word at the right time can keep someone from using until the obsession leaves… Either way we gotta try…50,000 deaths last year …probably double this year…mostly between the ages of 18-27.

We will also be selling it on iTunes and amazon to help fund our Non profit Ricky Byrd’s Clean Getaway so we can continue to do outreach in different communities. Here’s where you come in: I need you guys to buy the CD in advance so i can start recording. $25 will get you this RnR gem. There are also other perks of larger donations.

If I have ever put a smile on your face with some song I played on. If you Love RnR ;), now's the time to return the favor. This campaign goes until Feb 4, 2017 and we have a ways to go to make our goal, but I have faith in you.

Leading acoustic recovery music groups for the past few years at detox and treatment centers I know about the healing power of music. I see it in the patients and read it in the messages they send when they’ve left treatment.

To pledge/order this new CD please go to:

The goal is to get the CD's funding by February 4, 2017.

Ricky Byrd – 2015 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee w/Joan Jett and the Blackhearts; Founder/CEO Ricky Byrd’s Clean Getaway Recovery Troubadour, Activist. Clean & Sober since Sept 25. 1987; Performed, Recorded and/or toured with Roger Daltrey, Ian Hunter, Southside Johnny,Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Mavis Staples, Billy Squier, Darlene Love, Ronnie Spector,Brian Wilson, Steve Miller, Graham Nash, Don Felder, Alice Cooper, Bruce Springsteen, Steven VanZant, Mick Taylor, Dion, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Bramlett, Billie Joe Armstrong, Bill Medley, Paul Shaffer.