Rock News: Wakeman says Yes to DVD; Davies says no to Kinks

Megadeth ex-guitarist Glen Drover offers his side of the breakup story; Dave Davies shoots down a Kinks reunion; Sammy Hagar announces who he's teaming up with on tour; Gibson reveals which artist has inspired a new guitar; YES launches a new DVD and more.
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Megadeth has a new guitarist, namely Jag Panzer’s Chris Broderick. Previous guitarist Glen Drover had been with the band for three years.

“In the end, I was unhappy with the situation, which magnified me wanting to spend more time with my family,” Glen Drover said.
Glen’s brother, Shawn, remains as the drummer for the band. Megadeth has just begun the European leg of its latest tour.


Rumour has Judas Priest touring this summer with Heaven And Hell; Priest is finishing up work on a double album concept record about French seer Nostradamus.


Sammy Hagar will hook up with Kenny Chesney on at minimum seven dates on the latter’s Poets & Pirates tour.


Texas-based southern rockers Point Blank are working on a new studio album to follow up their excellent 2005 reunion gig live album Reloaded.


Ted Nugent guitarist and vocalist Derek St. Holmes recently completed work on a Paul Reed Smith (PRS guitars) album, as well as producing retro classic rock act Blood Of The Sun.

And what about contact with Ted?

“In the future we’re talking about writing an album together,” says Derek, “hopefully by March. So he’s excited about that. He called me and said, ‘Yeah, we’ve got to get together and write the perfect
album. Let’s get it done.’


Rex Smith is open to the idea of getting the Rex band back together.

“I’m still very much athletically there. I can still get out there and do a pretty damn good approximation of Rex Smith with the Rex band. I mean, we would just look at each other and just lose our minds! Just laugh out loud and fall down.” Smith said.


Dave Davies, who has recovered from a stroke he had suffered three years ago, has shot down ideas of a Kinks reunion, citing ongoing lack of communication with his brother, Ray. Dave Davies issued Fractured Mindz on Koch last summer. Davies plans to issue part one of a two part autobiographical DVD this year.

Led Zeppelin’s reunion gig has broken records for merchandise sales.


Gibson says it is planning an Elvis Costello acoustic model guitar.


Yes has also launched a massive autobiographical DVD called “Classic Artists: Their Definitive Fully Authorized Story.”

Given the downloading woes of the industry, keyboardist Rick Wakeman sees the DVD area as a continuing opportunity.

“I’m not keen on doing a CD anymore. Nor is Jon, for that matter. I think the CD is dead now,” Wakeman said.

“I think a song at a time is possible. I think more likely we will very much keep going down the DVD route. I think the DVD plus idea, which is, you have the DVD, and you can literally have your free CD with some bonus stuff on it so that people can use it in their car, is the way forward. For too long, the record companies and the distributors have been too greedy, and it’s payback time.”