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Steve Hackett to release live album

Double Live CD "Live Rails" is a documentation of the guitarist's last world tour for "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth" including new material and classic songs

Steve Hackett is renowned as a talented and innovative rock musician. He was lead guitarist with Genesis as part of their classic line up with Gabriel, Collins, Banks and Rutherford, that produced acclaimed albums such as "Selling England by the Pound" (a favorite of John Lennon). With Steve's extraordinary versatility in both his electric guitar playing and his composing, he involves influences from many genres, including Jazz, World Music and Blues. He is equally adept in his classical albums that include renditions of pieces by composers from Bach to Satie, his own acoustic guitar compositions that have gained the admiration of many, including Yehudi Menuhin, and ambitious guitar/ orchestra albums such as "A Midsummer Night's Dream," recorded with the Royal Philharmonic.

Recent albums have possessed a high level of sophistication, along with an everpresent powerful dynamic, from the dramatic and atmospheric darkness of "Darktown" and "Wild Orchids" to the colorful voyage through time and space of "To Watch the Storms." 2009's "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth," written and recorded in the midst of domestic and professional upheaval, was released to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and reviewers alike, many of them proclaiming it his best ever.

Steve Hacket Live - Rails - Digipack

Steve's live electric gigs take his fans on a journey drawn from a rich musical heritage. Perennial Genesis favorites such as the mighty "Firth Of Fifth" sit alongside solo classics, while more recent material, with much of "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth" now included, demonstrate that Steve is an artist still at the very top of his game. Supported by some of the best musicians on the planet, Steve's unique guitar work remains the fulcrum on which this challenging and exhilarating show is balanced.

Genesis' induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in March 2010 stands as a testament to the enduring qualities of their music. Never one to rest on his laurels, though, Steve continues to blaze a trail with new material and to be an exhilarating and groundbreaking artist.

The new Double Live CD "Live Rails" is a worthy documentation of his last world tour for "Out Of The Tunnel's Mouth" including new material and classics from the Steve Hackett and Genesis catalog.