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The Guess Who drummer Garry Peterson is the guest on Episode 34 of the Goldmine Magazine Podcast

Garry Peterson, original drummer of The Guess Who, comes on the Goldmine Magazine Podcast to chat about the band's new album.

The Guess Who have journeyed a long way from their heyday in the late '60s / early 1970s. Massive hits like "No Time," "These Eyes" and, of course, "American Woman" conquered the charts back then and the band were well on their way to becoming a household name until guitarist Randy Bachman left and vocalist/keyboardist Burton Cummings reportedly broke up the band in 1975.

Bachman, Cummings, bassist Jim Kale, and drummer Garry Peterson (the "American Woman" line-up) did reunite for a short period, but it was Kale and Peterson who continued to carry the torch for The Guess Who name. Now, Peterson is is the only original member still active — Kale recently retired — and the latest iteration of The Guess Who is a supergroup of sorts. Rudy Sarzo on bass, Derek (D) Sharp on vocals, Will E on guitars and Leonard Shaw on keys make up the current band which will release a new album in September called “The Future IS What it Used To Be.” Go to for more information.

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Garry Peterson came on the Goldmine Magazine Podcast to discuss the historical legacy of the band and his optimistic feelings about the future.

Listen to the podcast by clicking below.