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Tour News: Carrie Rodriguez supports She Ain't Me

Carrie Rodriguez is out on the road to support her new album, She Ain’t Me.

Carrie Rodriguez is on tour to support her new album, She Ain't Me (Back Porch Manhattan Records.)

Tour dates and venues include:

Aug. 28, 2008 — The Seasons Performance Center - The Seasons Music Festival Yakima, WA multi-act event

Aug. 30 Pig Out in the Park – Spokane, WA multi-act festival

Aug. 3 One Longfellow Square – Portland, ME w/ Mark Erelli

Aug. 4 WAMC Performing Arts Studio’s Linda Norris Auditorium – Albany, NY

Sept. 7 Narrows Festival of The Arts - Fall River, MA multi-act festival

Sept. 19 The Soiled Dove Underground – Denver, CO

Sept. 20 Lake City Wine and Music Festival – Lake City, CO multi-act festival

Oct. 18 Lobero Theatre - Santa Barbara, CA w/ Austin Jug Band

Oct. 24 The Sooner Theatre – Norman, OK support to Ruthie Foster

Oct. 25 Houston Women’s Festival – Houston, TX multi-act festival

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A classically trained singer-songwriter, Carrie Rodriguez has done a lot of duets in her still-under-30-years-old-day. She plays a mean fiddle and has recorded songs with a pleasing, folksy twang.

“Because I took some chances, wrote with some new people and actually co-wrote most of the songs on the album, it’s very different,” Rodriguez said.

Also different: Malcolm Burn’s dense production, bulging with thoughtful details that still serve the song.

“If the song doesn’t hold up on its own, without all the production, he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it,” Rodriguez says. “And he was much more into the vibe than perfection—which is good for me, because my tendency is to try to make things perfect.”

She Ain't Me is Rodriguez’ second solo outing for Manhattan/Back Porch.

“It comes from having to really look within yourself when you’re forced to be alone, and to not be afraid of that process,” Rodriguez says. “Taking some time off from the road this year to write allowed me to do some growing and reflecting that I often put aside when I’m touring all the time.”

Before Rodriguez was a fiddle-toting, mandoguitar-slinging Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, she was a junior violin student in Austin, Texas, absorbing the influences of an opera-obsessed mom and folk-singing dad.

“In kindergarten, we had a pilot program at my public elementary school to teach 5-year-olds Suzuki violin lessons,” Rodriguez recalls. “They would give the lessons during naptime, and I must have gotten out to go to the bathroom. And I remember walking down the hallway and hearing these violins scratching out ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.’ I was immediately drawn to that and came home and told mom I wanted to take violin lessons.

“Also,” she adds, “I really hated naptime.”

Group lessons soon led to private lessons, which led Carrie to a conservatory program at Oberlin. Enter Lyle Lovett, a family friend, who invited Carrie to sit in with his band at soundcheck in Cleveland, an experience that was both inspiring and frustrating.