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A trio of John Denver albums now available in remastered deluxe vinyl

John Denver LPs — Poems, Prayers & Promises, Rocky Mountain High and Back Home Again — are now remastered 180 Gram colored-vinyl from Night Fever Music.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The life and career of John Denver, one of the most celebrated entertainers of the 1970s with sales of over 33 million to date, will be commemorated in October. October 12 marks the 20th anniversary of Denver’s passing in a single-fatality aircraft crash at age 53.

From his start as an itinerant folk-singer in the mid-1960s, Denver rose to world class status as a multi-platinum selling recording artist and producer, a two-time Grammy Award® winner (and five-time host of the Grammy Awards® broadcast), movie actor, television personality, philanthropist, and environmental and human rights activist.

His accomplishments include eight Billboard Top 10 RCA Albums in the U.S. (three of which hit #1). These include seven RIAA multi-platinum, 13 platinum and 20 gold album certifications. He charted more than 40 Billboard Hot 100, AC and Country songs from 1971 to 1988.

A trio of Denver’s best-loved and biggest-selling albums are now available in remastered deluxe 180 Gram colored-vinyl editions from Night Fever Music. The titles comprise Poems, Prayers & Promises (1971), Rocky Mountain High (1972) and Back Home Again (1974).


* All tracks composed and arranged by John Denver, except where noted.

POEM, PRAYERS & PROMISES (1971) – Pressed on “RCA Orange” vinyl

1. “Poems, Prayers and Promises” * 2. "Let It Be” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) * 3. “My Sweet Lady” * 4. “Wooden Indian” * 5. “Junk” (Paul McCartney) * 6. “Gospel Changes” (Jack Williams) * 7. “Take Me Home, Country Roads” (Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, Denver) * 8. “I Guess He’d Rather Be in Colorado” (Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert) * 9. “Sunshine on My Shoulders” (Denver, Richard Kniss, Mike Taylor) * 10. “Around and Around” * 11. “Fire and Rain” (James Taylor) * 12. “The Box” (Kendrew Lascelles)

ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH (1972) – Pressed on “Clear/Blue Mountain Lake” vinyl

1. “Rocky Mountain High” (Denver, Mike Taylor) * 2. “Mother Nature’s Son” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) * 3. “Paradise” (John Prine) * 4. “For Baby (For Bobbie)” * 5. “Darcy Farrow” (Steve Gillette, Tom Campbell) * 6. “Prisoners” * 7. “Goodbye Again” * 8. “Season Suite: Summer” (Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss) * 9. “Season Suite: Fall” (Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss) * 10. “Season Suite: Winter” (Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss) * 11. “Season Suite: Late Winter, Early Spring (When Everybody Goes Down to Mexico)” (Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss) * 12. “Season Suite: Spring” (Denver, Mike Taylor, Dick Kniss)

BACK HOME AGAIN (1974) – Pressed on “Windy Kansas Wheat Field Gold” vinyl

1. “Back Home Again” * 2. “One the Road” (Carl Franzen) * 3. “Grandma’s Feather Bed” (Jim Connor) * 4. “Matthew” * 5. “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” (John Sommers) * 6. “The Music Is You” * 7. “Annie’s Song” * 8. “It’s Up to You” (Steve Weisberg) * 9. “Cool an’ Green an’ Shady” (Denver, Joe Henry) * 10. “Eclipse” * 11. “Sweet Surrender” * 12. “This Old Guitar”

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