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Triumph 'Classics' to be re-released as a 2-LP, 180-gram vinyl pressing

On December 13, 2019, Triumph’s 13-track 'Classics' will once again hit the racks (via Round Hill/Triumph Catalog) on high quality vinyl.
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On December 13, 2019, Triumph’s 13-track Classics will once again hit the racks (via Round Hill/Triumph Catalog), and all of the expected gems are included - “Lay It on the Line,” “Magic Power,” “A World of Fantasy,” “Fight the Good Fight,” and “Hold On.”

Also featured are two special live recordings that close the set - “Never Surrender” (live at the US Festival) and “Blinding Light Show/Moon Child (live at Sweden Rock). 

The album will also be available for preorder via the link here:

“We are excited to showcase our career on the Classics reissue,” says the band. “It’s a beautiful package and sounds awesome!”

Comprised of drummer/vocalist Gil Moore, bassist/keyboardist Mike Levine, and guitarist/vocalist Rik Emmett, Triumph formed in 1975 (hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada). With their unique blend of progressive rock, heavy metal and soaring melodies, the band enjoyed a string of rock radio and MTV hits, in the process scoring a string of gold and platinum-certified albums and selling out arenas, thrilling fans with their award-winning live shows. 

And in December, rock fans will be reminded once again about the power that Triumph possessed - deep in the grooves of Classics


Tears in the Rain

Lay It on the Line

I Live for the Weekend

Magic Power

Somebody’s Out There


A World of Fantasy

Follow Your Heart

Fight the Good Fight

Rock & Roll Machine

Hold On

Never Surrender (Live at the US Festival)

Blinding Light Show/Moon Child (Live at Sweden Rock)