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Van Der Graaf Generator U.S. Price Guide

A price guide to Van Der Graaf Generator U.S. 45s and albums, taken from the "Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records, 1950 to 1975, 6th Edition," by Tim Neely.
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Van der Graaf Generator




72979, Necromancer/Afterwards, 1969, $20.00


ABC Dunhill

DS 50097, H to He Who Am the Only One, 1971, $15.00


CAS-1051, Pawn Hearts, 1971, $15.00


SRM-1-1069, Godbluff, 1975, $12.00

SRM-1-1096, Still Life, 1976, $12.00

SRM-1-1116, World Record, 1976, $12.00

SR-61238, The Aerosol Grey Machine, 1969, $100.00


CPLP-4515, The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other, 1970, $30.00


9901 [(2)], Vital, 1979, $15.00

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