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Vocalist Peter Noone and others contribute to Bono Instagram song

“Let Your Love Be Known,” a new song by U2 vocalist Bono, has evolved into full-fledged production while dozens of quarantined singers and musicians from multiple cities and countries added their instruments and voices.

“Let Your Love Be Known” is a brand new song by Bono, which has been transformed from a rough video recording of him singing and playing the piano taped on St. Patrick’s Day to a full-fledged production courtesy of Fernando Perdomo who produced the song at Reseda Ranch Studios in Winnetka/Reseda, CA and plays most of the instruments as well while dozens of quarantined singers and musicians from multiple cities and countries added their instruments and voices (a choir of 73 self-quarantined singers) to Bono's voice and piano. 

Among those contributing backing vocals are Peter Noone, Adam Gaynor from Matchbox 20, all the members of the "Echo In The Canyon" band featured in the acclaimed documentary about the music of Laurel Canyon, Durga McBroom who sang with Pink Floyd, actress Rebecca Pidgeon, Grammy Award winning singer Jorge Moreno and countless others.

Fernando Perdomo with the back story: "On St. Patrick's Day 2020, Bono posted a video on Instagram of him singing a new song he wrote inspired by the COVID-19 Pandemic called "Let Your Love Be Known." He was inspired by community's of quarantined Italians joining together to sing on their balcony's and rooftops together in a unified showing of strength and bravery. I was moved by the song and inspired to put full instrumentation behind Bono's heartfelt vocal and piano. I then called some of my closest friends and collaborators to sing on the track. One of the lines in the song is "Sing Down The Phone". Ironically most of these vocal performances were captured on voice memos on cell phones because of Self quarantine all over the world. The track features performers from all over the United States,Canada, and even Japan. One of the singers (Steven Wilson) is a hospital worker in LA and sang his vocal during a break from helping patients. This is a poignant take on the isolation many around the world are feeling and it is in tribute to hospital workers and anyone affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Bono, your song is glorious and has inspired so many people. We sought out to extend your message and Sing from the rooftops all over the world."


Let Your Love Be Known (Bono)

Bono - Lead Vocals, Piano (from Bono's Instagram post used under creative commons)

Fernando Perdomo - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Mellotrons, Perc, Bvs Producer

Kaitlin Wolfberg - Violin

Ruti Celli - Cello

Dan Rothchild - Glockenspiel, Mellotron, Chamberlin ,vocals

Peter Noone - Vocals

Adam Gaynor -Vocals

Rebecca Pidgeon - Vocals

Zak Nilsson - Vocals

Sky Nicholas - Vocals

Elizaveta - Vocals

Ken Sharp - Vocals

Karen Feldner - Vocals

Michaela Debenedictis- vocals

James Booth - Vocals

Danny Henry- Vocals

Earl Kayoss- Vocals

Durga McBroom - Vocals

Lauren Leigh - Vocals

Dennis Atlas - Vocals

Dave Kerzner - Vocals

Zach Ziskin - Vocals

Tori Schubert - Vocals

Lucas Aaron - Vocals

Craig Houston - Vocals

Cait Brennan - Vocals

Walter Ino - Vocals

James Houlahan - Vocals

Steven Wilson of Plasticsoul - Vocals

Ian Venters - Vocals

Cyndi Trissel - Vocals, Cover Photo

Chris Price - Vocals

Ed Hale - Vocals

Emeen Zarookian - Vocals

Alex Jules - Vocals

Geoff Pearlman - Vocals

Jordan Summers - Vocals

Will Hawkins - Vocals

Chloe Dolandis - Vocals

Justine Bennett - Vocals

Adrian Bleu Perdomo - Vocals

Jeannie Zapata - Vocals

Morty Coyle - Vocals

Brian Jay Cline Vocals

Jacob Jefferies- Vocals

Katie Iannitello - Vocals

Frank Severino - Vocals

Jennifer Kaiser- Vocals

Barbara Lang - Vocals

Sabrina Aguilar - Vocals

Alih Jey - Vocals

Fuzzbee Morse -Vocals

Jorge Moreno - Vocals

Robert Avellanet -Vocals

Orlando Perdomo - Vocals

Jackie Perdomo - Vocals

Bela Perdomo - Vocals

Jesse David Corti - Vocals

Tim Charron - Vocals

Stephen Flint - Vocals

Jody Quine - Vocals

Christine Leakey - Vocals

Jim Camacho - Vocals

Derek Cintron - Vocals

Vic Kingsley - Vocals

Joshua Stedman - Vocals

Roger Houdaille - Vocals

Chris Alvy - Vocals

Danny Ayala - Vocals

Michael Shuler -Vocals

Derek Frank - Vocals

Annette Frank - Vocals

Sam Babayan - Vocals

Shay Godwin - Vocals

Michael Collins - Vocals

Joel Simches - Vocals

Mark McCrite - Vocals

Jamison Smeltz - Vocals

Karla Downey - Vocals

Engineered and Produced by Fernando Perdomo at Reseda Ranch Studios

Additional engineering by each vocalist, Dan Rothchild and Gordon Lysle Bash Mixed and Mastered by Zach Ziskin