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Are you ready to have your mind blown — but in a good way? Meet Love Crushed Velvet – a post-punk outfit out of New York City whose new album Souls and the Barren Heart (above) is reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll. Coming out on July 22nd, the album is inspired by post-pandemic Manhattan and the "untapped chaos of urban life" — taut, visceral songs that retain the spark of late-night jams.

The album’s lead single “Future” blends alternative, glam and classic rock into a contemporary sound. "’The Future’ explores the dichotomy between the ideal of escapism and the hard reality that success in relationships is a byproduct of hard work and effort,” frontman A.L.X. explains. “Problems can't be overcome by simply wishing them away or teleporting to a fantasyland where obstacles have illusorially been left behind. The path to a better future comes from looking at situations candidly while being willing to retain a sense of optimism in overcoming challenges.”

Premiering exclusively with Goldmine today, the music video for “Future” (above) was shot using Virtual Reality technology, making Love Crushed one of the first artists to fully embrace VR in a way that is accessible to a broad audience. 

Lead singer and songwriter A.L.X. on NYC rooftop. PR. Photo.

Lead singer and songwriter A.L.X. on NYC rooftop. PR. Photo.

“When developing the concept behind the video for ‘The Future,’ I was drawn to the idea of creating it in virtual reality because that platform seemed to be a perfect manifestation of where the experiential technology world is headed,” A.L.X. adds. “VR has an inherent element of escapism to it that complements the wishful escapism around which the song's lyrics are based. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to push the boundary of how music is experienced by creating a multisensory experience that truly takes the listener into an entirely new futuristic realm, as well as being one of the first musical artists that fully embraces the VR medium in a way that is accessible to a broad audience.”

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