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The April issue of Goldmine features the early days of the Allman Brothers as a wealth of music is re-released to the public. Revisit the path that Gregg and Duane Allman took to get to the iconic Allman Brothers Band. Lots of material was recorded and released by Gregg and Duane in those early days and Goldmine sifts through the material with forensic accuracy via the help of ABB insiders.

“It's five years from the Allman Joys’ sessions in Nashville till Duane Allman’s death in 1971. That alone lets people listen to these records with perspective. Look at what happened in five years,”  Allman Brothers historian, John Lynskey tells Goldmine.

Plus a ton more inside the issue!

Enter to win a 'Vintage Shot' of guitarist Gregg Allman from the early '80s

Peter Noone gets candid about his Herman legacy

Where Are They Now? John Hall of Orleans still has a lot to say

Allison Moorer and sister Shelby Lynne go deep into their dark past together

A tribute to the late Neil Peart, the brilliant drummer of RUSH

Drummer Jody Stephens is proud that Big Star reissues their best albums on vinyl

Go window shopping for the latest and greatest Beatles turntables

Pick it up at select Barnes & Nobles and Books A Million stores until the second week of April. 

In the meantime, take a sneak peek of what's inside the issue in a short video clip below.