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5 worst Beatles songs, pre-1967

Listen as two hosts on the Goldmine Podcast pick their least favorite (worst) Beatles songs, pre 1967.

Let's face it, even if you re the biggest Beatles fan in the world, you have your least favorite Beatles songs. Basically, that is what we are discussing here in this episode of the Goldmine Podcast. Picking our 5 least favorite (worst) Beatles songs. These are the songs we usually skip over when we are listening to a Beatles record, CD, digital album or stream.

There's a catch. Dave Thompson, the guest host for this episode, wrote an article online in June describing his least favorite (worst) Beatles songs 1967-1970. So, this episode will center on Beatles songs pre-1967.

Listen and tell us if you agree or disagree.

As Dave Thompson puts it: Even the Fab Four had their off-days, you know.


Listen to the podcast episode now!


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