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Vocalist-keyboardist Dennis DeYoung — the frontman of the classic Styx lineup — has a solo album coming out at the end of May called 26 East, Vol. 1 . The title is a reference to DeYoung's Chicago roots — the address of the house he grew up in — and the beginning of the band Styx.

DeYoung has not been with Styx since 1999 but his vocal style is distinctive to the band's sound and it really shows on the album 26 East, Vol. 1 . On this episode we'll play samples of certain album tracks, such as the Styx-sounding "East Of Midnight" and the Julian Lennon duet "In the Good Old Days."

Survivor/Ides of March guitarist Jim Peterik was the catalyst for 26 East, Vol. 1, as he encouraged DeYoung to record again. Along with lead guitarist Mike Aquino and DeYoung's son Matthew, Peterik rounds out the sound of 26 East, Vol. 1, — and DeYoung's vocals are as good as ever. Styx fans will be very pleased!

On this episode, DeYoung will discuss the album's message (including an in-your-face attack on cable news called “With All Due Respect”), future volumes of music and key aspects of Styx's history. And, hopefully, DeYoung will tour later in this year. if pandemic restrictions let up.

Listen to the podcast episode here