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Run Out Groove Records and Peter Hook on Goldmine Magazine Podcast, Episode 6

The sixth episode of the Goldmine Magazine Podcast presents Peter Hook (Joy Division/New Order/The Light) and Matthew Block of Run Out Groove Records.

Goldmine, the Music Collector’s Magazine, reports on the music collecting hobby and interviews classic music artists with The Goldmine Magazine Podcast, posted here twice a month and available via iTunes.


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Former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook joins us on Goldmine Magazine Podcast for our second episode in August 2017. Hook and his band The Light have released four live albums celebrating different Joy Division/New Order LPs in their entirety. The outcome will please any fan of these two popular bands. Peter Hook has plenty to say on the subject. Then Matthew Block of Run Out Groove Records will inform us about this new unique record label. Run Out Groove is designed for vinyl record collectors. If you go to, each month the site will post potential album projects (found in the vaults of Warner Bros.) and then ask you — the record collector — to vote which project should be pressed to vinyl as an individually numbered and limited edition. A very cool interactive experience. Matthew Block explains the entire experience and ROG's history.

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