A book for the British Rock obsessive

Stephen Tow delivers an essential read on the British Rock that took hold of (and evolved in) London, England.
Publish date:
London reign

Stephen Tow
Rowman & Littlefield

Genre: History

For those obsessed with British rock — and let’s face it, who isn’t? — London, Reign Over Me ought to be considered an essential read. Subtitled “How England’s Capital Built Classic Rock,” Stephen Tow’s thorough sweep through the events that culminated in the U.K. becoming the center of the musical universe is both intriguing and enticing. To his credit, Tow doesn’t stop simply with rock, but rather follows the music’s inevitable progression, from blues and R&B as it was transported and transitioned from America, to its morphing into prog, folk and inevitably back to blues. A great guide book, it’s a thorough compendium of maximum importance.

—Lee Zimmerman

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