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Accept perfects metal sound at B.B. King's

The German power metal band was at its best at a classic New York City music club

B.B. King Blues Club & Grill
New York, NY


By Pat Prince

So many modern metal bands have been influenced by the speed and ferocity of the German power metal band, Accept. And as critical as their studio work may be, Accept has forever excelled as a live band, with a full sound and powerful presence.

Classic Accept staples like "Restless and Wild," "Fast as a Shark" and Flash Rockin' Man" are always enjoyable to hear live. My personal highlight was the performance of "Breaker" and "Son of a Bitch." And as much as I would prefer to hear former vocal grunter Udo Dirkschneider sing SOB, the new frontman Mark Tornillo embraced the signature Udo song and made it his own.

The band could not have found a better replacement.

However, the new songs off of Accept's newly released "Blood of the Nations" sounded the best, especially "Teutonic Terror" and the anti-Wall Street tale "No Shelter." Perhaps, the band finds more comfort in playing its fresher songwriting.

I could have done without songs like "Midnight Mover" and "Metal Heart" but these songs — from Accept's more commercial period — now seem to have a heavier sound with the addition of Tornillo.

Some from Camp Udo have made claims that lead guitarist Wolf Hoffmann was always the commercial side of Accept. I don't believe a f**king word of that. All you have to do is listen to Hoffmann's guitar sound at any Accept show. Where a thrash metal guitarist might bludgeon with brute force, Hoffmann's guitar sound is overpoweringly sharp instead. The harmonies and riffing often slash and crunch through the crowd like the jaws of a T Rex.

In the end, the crowd wanted fan favorites "Princess of the Dawn and "Balls to the Wall" and they got them. back-to-back, for the encore; chanting and singing all the way through.

If you only have one chance to see a metal show this Fall, forget the Ozzy blockbuster. Experience a truer, richer representation of heavy metal with Accept at half the price.

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