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Album review of Styx's 'Regeneration Volume 1 and 2'

Since 2000, a Dennis DeYoung-less Styx has released at least seven albums, mostly live efforts. Now comes 'Regeneration' — a re-recording of classic Styx songs.

"Regeneration Volume I & II" (2 CDs)
Eagle Records (ER202492)


By Michael Popke

Since 2000, a Dennis DeYoung-less Styx has released no fewer than seven albums; only one of those was a studio record. The rest were live albums and a covers collection. Now comes “Regeneration,” re-recordings of classic Styx songs.

To the band’s credit, Styx includes some album cuts (“Queen of Spades,” “Boat on the River”) and a new song (the Tommy Shaw ballad “Difference in the World”). But do we really need more versions of “Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man),” “Blue Collar Man” and “Renegade”? And why cover two Damn Yankees songs (“Coming of Age,” “High Enough”) if Styx can’t improve on the originals?

Styx Regeneration

These versions don’t sound much different from the originals, although “The Grand Illusion” is a bit faster, and James “JY” Young now shares lead-vocal duties on “Lorelei.” And while there’s nothing wrong with these 16 songs, which could have fit on one disc instead of two, who really needs this collection? How about some new material instead?