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Beatlegmania book may become as collectible as bootlegs

The volume is sold in a limited-edition run, so the books eventually may become as collectible as the bootlegs it covers.

Beatlegmania: Volume Four by John C. Winn
Multiplus Books, 978-0-9728362-6-5 Softcover, 112 pages, $30

By Gillian G. Gaar

Downloading not only affected the sale of legitimate recordings, it also had an arguably bigger effect on the sale of bootlegs (bigger as bootlegs generally sold for more money). Thus, thumbing through Volume Four of John Winn’s “Beatleg” series is like looking at a yearbook of memories — remember when the big excitement was the release of bootlegs like “Sessions” and “Unsurpassed Masters?”


The “Beatlegmania” series of books endeavors to be an “exhaustive” (the publisher’s words) catalog of Beatle bootlegs. Winn is also the author of “That Magic Feeling” and “Way Beyond Compare,” which looked at the wealth of Beatle studio/radio/TV recordings, showing his eye for detail, which you’ll also find in the “Beatleg” series. Volume Four looks at more than 80 bootlegs, with cover and label art for each listing, and information on each track on the album, including source, running time, and sound quality. The book’s biggest section is on the “Lost Lennon Tapes” series, covering Volumes One through 14. This isn’t a price guide; no values are given. But if you want to know the quality of material on a particular release, the “Beatlegs” are useful reference guides.

But each volume is also sold in a limited-edition run; Volume One is already sold out, and stocks of Volume Two and Three are rapidly diminishing. So don’t delay if you want to place an order. Winn’s books eventually may become as collectible as the bootlegs. Info:

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