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Best non-LP titles for Record Store Day 2022's June 'Drops' date

Record Store Day set aside a June "Drops" date for those releases delayed this year. Goldmine picked out non-LP titles this time around for its 'want list'.

Record Store Day returned to normal this year with its official event slated in April. 

Well, relatively normal.

A second date, or referred to as a 'drops' date, was picked for June 18 — for titles that were part of the normal Record Store Day event, but, as the Record Store Day organization puts it, "for any number of reasons beyond controlling," could’t make it into record stores on April 23, 2022.

In a nutshell, supply chain issues.

But Goldmine will go beyond picking through all the June drop LP titles. We noticed some really cool choices for 45, EP and cassette formats. So, instead, here are our picks for the best non-LP releases for Record Store Day's June 18 'Drops' date. These are also "exclusives" to Record Store Day — meaning these titles are physically released only at indie record stores.



Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin' Band (Live At Royal Albert Hall, 1970)

This 7-inch vinyl 45 from Craft Recordings is limited to 5,000 pressings. It features a previously unreleased live version of "Traveling' Band" on its A-Side, recorded at Royal Albert Hall in 1970. Flip it over for a live version of the classic "Who'll Stop the Rain" recorded in Oakland, California, in 1970.

The staff at Goldmine hasn't been this excited about RSD 7-inchers since one of their Side By Side Series releases. (Why on earth did they discontinue that series?!)


Kinks RSD

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset EP

This EP is pressed on 12-inch vinyl by BMG and is limited to only 3,150 copies. It's the 55th anniversary of the release of the Kinks single "Waterloo Sunset," and this is the cover artwork from the original 1967 French release. 

Sure, you might have heard all these Kinks songs before (especially “Waterloo Sunset”!) but the tracks are in mono and have been remastered, Plus, the record comes as a beautifully collectible yellow vinyl pressing.

Side A
1: Waterloo Sunset
2: Act Nice and Gentle
3: Mr. Pleasant

Side B
1: Holiday in Waikiki
2: Little Miss Queen of Darkness
3: This is Where I Belong

Keith RSD 2

Keith Richards - Talk is Cheap / Live at the Hollywood Palladium

Ah, Keef! We love Keith Richards around here, and we especially love these two recordings, But the difference is this: Keith's debut solo album, Talk Is Cheap, and Live at the Palladium, the live set from the Talk Is Cheap tour, as a double multi-colored cassette release in a slipcover, perfect for collectibility. And this RSD release is limited to only 650 copies. That will be a nice pick-up, if you can find it.

As you know, collecting cassettes is back! And even if you're lucky enough to get this 2x Tape Set, these two cassettes are almost too cool to play, even if you do own a quality cassette deck.

Keith RSD

Talk Is Cheap

Side 1
1. Big Enough
2. Take It So Hard
3. Struggle
4. I Could Have Stood You Up
5. Make No Mistake
6. You Don't Move Me

Side 2
1. How I Wish
2. Rockawhile
3. Whip It Up
4. Locked Away
5. It Means A Lot

Live At The Hollywood Palladium

Side 1
1. Take It So Hard
2. How I Wish
3. I Could Have Stood You Up
4. Too Rude
5. Make No Mistake
6. Time Is On My Side

Side 2
1. Big Enough
2. Whip It Up
3. Locked Away
4. Struggle
5. Happy
6. Connection
7. Rockawhile


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