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The Blues Magoos resurrect their '60s brand

“Psychedelic Resurrection” at times is by-the-numbers traditional Psyche but mostly driven rock 'n' roll with spirit.

The Blues Magoos
“Psychedelic Resurrection”
3 Stars


One might remember, The Blues Magoos had a top 10 hit in the 1960s with “(We Ain’t Got) Nothing Yet” — emotional psyche pop that should live somewhere in the garage rock hall of fame. The song is once again recorded here on the band's first long-play in 40 years, “Psychedelic Resurrection.” Not as loose and authentic as when the song was first realized but still in solid form.

“Psychedelic Resurrection” is at times by-the-numbers traditional Psyche but for the most part it's driven rock 'n' roll with spirit. There are ditties that sound straight from the ‘don’t take yourself too seriously’ heart of Frank Zappa (“D’Stinko Me Tummies on the Blinko”), while others that dig a little deeper into personal regret, like the smooth '70s-ish "Pipe Dream." The straight-forward rocker "I'm Still Playing" (think Kinks) and hard-rocker "Rush Hour" (think Deep Purple) are the two worthwhile listens on the album. And one thing is certain: Peppy Castro’s guitar work is spot-on throughout, to the point where you really anticipate the lead runs/breaks.

And The Blues Magoos are on tour. Here are some recent dates: