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Dead Kennedys album stands to be one of the best remixes of the year

Dead Kennedys' 'Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables' gets a remix for its 2022 reissue — and it's way better than what frontman Jello Biafra feared.

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Dead Kennedys

Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, 2022 Mix

Manifesto Records (LP) 

By Alan Brostoff

The opportunity to sit down with one of my favorite punk albums of all time, is an easy sell. My only wonder was this: How do you take something that is already amazing, and considered by many as one of the best punk albums of all time (or at least on most Top 10 punk rock lists) and make fans want to go spend their money on a new version?

No need to bury the lead, Engineer Chris Lord-Alge did a great job with the remix on this reissue. Not familiar with the name Chris Lord-Alge? He is a Grammy award winner who worked with bands like Green Day, Bruce Springsteen, My Chemical Romance and Avenge Sevenfold ... just to name a few. He also is apparently a big fan of the Dead Kennedys.

The album still has all the elements that made it a classic, but now the sound is so bright. I love the guitar sound on the new mix. The album is not just Jello Biafra’s vocals and the music behind it; it is balanced so well that the music now really hits you square in the face and sounds much richer. 

In interviews, frontman Biafra questioned the need to do a reissue/remix, and also shared his distaste for this version, I disagree. I would not recommend one version over the other. We are lucky to live in a world where you can own both versions ... and that would be my recommendation. 

While all the lyrics don’t seem as relevant in 2022 as they did when Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables was first released in the '80s, but people need to stop and listen to the album all the way through, They will realize exactly why this is a great album, and maybe one of the best remixes of the year.