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DVD review of Stone Temple PIlots' 'Alive In The Windy City'

The DVD “Alive in the Windy Cindy” presents the first-ever Stone Temple Pilots show to be authorized by the band for commercial video release.

By Patrick Prince

Stone Temple Pilots
Alive in the Windy City
Eagle Rock

STP picked a good concert to represent the band live. Not only is the band at its reunited best but the DVD is filmed in state-of-the-art high-definition and recorded in what is advertised as “DTS-HD Master Audio and LPCM Stereo.” Whatever it is, it sure sounds good.

“Wicked Garder,” with its ballsy riff and A-plus vocal delivery may be the best performance of this sold out Chicago gig in March of 2010. However, STP tops that with the back-to-back full power tilt of hits “Sex Type Thing” and “Dead and Bloated.” Simply intense. Full-of-life modern rock captured in all its glory on DVD.

Stone Temple Pilots Alive In The Windy City concert DVD

STP always succeeded at mixing the Nirvana aesthetic with hard rock/metal guidelines. That success continued with newer songs like “Between the Lines” off their 2010 self-titled reunion album. But STP were more than grunge followers — and, “Hickory Dichotomy,” off the same 2010 album, is a tip of the cap to ’70s glam rock with its supreme Bowie-esque feel.

This is a DVD release that will please die-hards and greatest hits slackers alike. Stone Temple Pilots are still a damn good band. And this is 92 minutes of edgy, rock and roll bliss.