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Goldmine Pick: Black Country Communion

The debut by supergroup Black Country Communion has both modern and traditional elements in its raw rock feel

Black Country Communion
"Black Country Communion"
J&R Adventures
Grade: ★★★★


By Pat Prince

Black Country Communion is one of those super groups that happened by serendipity. You know, a couple musicians start jamming, a few unexpected musicians drop in, and the rest is history. Usually this produces the least contrived product. And BCC is the real deal, despite the name-dropping of Jason Bonham, Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes and Derek Sherinian.

From the first number, consider yourself blown away. "Black Country" comes in like a fast-approaching thunderstorm: Hughes’ bass and Bonham’s drums serve as the driving-force winds; Sherinian, the accentual rain; Joe Bonamassa’s guitar leads as the severe lightning; and Hughes vocals as the God Zeus bellow from the heavens (think of a combination of Ian Gillan and Chris Cornell). It’s a five-star classic song that is a prelude to the songs that follow.

To sum it up, all of the songs have that raw spontaneity of garage classic rock and the hooks that make them, in turn, catchy.

“One Last Soul” will be, predictably, the standout single. It is the kind of hard rock that will win the ears during radioplay, yet retain its fierceness. And then there’s the downright blues of “Down Again” and the boogie hard rock of “Beggarman” that will be included on the playlists of the band’s most faithful.

Possibly, this is the best hard rock album of 2010. However, let’s hope — unlike most super groups who are weighed down by many projects — that Black Country Communion will give us the commitment of years of more albums like this one.

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