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"I Have Fun Everywhere I Go" by Mike Edison

Reviewed by Dave Thompson.

The memoir of journalist, musician, Ivy League drop-out and creator of the Youtube favorite “Bong Guitar,” Mike Edison, “I Have Fun Everywhere I Go” is subtitled, with very good reason, “Savage tales of pot, porn, punk rock, pro wrestling, talking apes, evil bosses, dirty blues, American heroes and the most notorious magazines in the world.”

In a career that has taken him to any number of extremes, Edison is the poster child for every teen who has stared into the eyes of his guidance counsellor and ticked off his dearest ambitions. I wanna be a pop star, I wanna write pornography, I wanna make movies, I wanna have fun. The result is both uproariously funny and oddly chilling.

So many threads run through the book that it’s difficult to play favorites. But the theme that best binds “I Have Fun Everywhere I Go” is Edison’s love of music in its purest and least pretentious form. There is little difference between an ’80s punk and a ’40s bluesman, at least in terms of idealism and imagery, and Edison nails the similarities even as he alternately celebrates and demolishes the culture that allowed history to distort them.

Any book that begins with a story about “Bob f***king Marley” and ends with a garage band wrestling tournament in Strasboug (and yes, that’s real garage bands and real wrestling) is going to take some memorable twists and turns as it makes that journey. “I Have Fun Everywhere I Go” does not disappoint.