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NYC’s New Myths deliver the goods with great All The Shiny Things EP

The all-female trio’s excellent new release compiles five singles that were released over the past two years.
All The Shiny Things, the new EP from the all-female, NYC-based band New Myths, is a digital release that is available from Amazon, Apple Music and other retailers.

All The Shiny Things, the new EP from the all-female, NYC-based band New Myths, is a digital release that is available from Amazon, Apple Music and other retailers.

By John Curley

This outstanding EP collects five recent singles by the all-female, New York City-based trio New Myths. The songs began with guitarist/lead vocalist Brit Boras coming up with the initial ideas and then bringing them to bassist/backing vocalist Marina Ross and drummer/backing vocalist Rosie Slater so that the three of them could work on them together and flesh them out. The tracks on the EP were recorded in upstate New York and produced by Seth Glassman.

Opening track “Fever Dream” is propulsive, bass-driven rock. Both Boras’s lead vocal and the backing vocals by Ross and Slater weave in and out of the song perfectly. “Bad Connection” is a terrific bit of rocking power pop with the three musicians, augmented by a synth, firing on all cylinders. Boras’s lead vocal is quite confident and Slater’s backing vocal is very effective. And there’s some terrific drumming by Slater toward the end of the song. “Living Doll” is a barbed criticism of America’s consumerist culture and is a bass-heavy track that rocks. It has a strong lead vocal from Boras and great work from all three band members. “Time Bomb,” which features some tasty playing by Ross, is something of a pop-rock dance track. The band sounds terrific on the song, which also features some nice synth work and an impressive guitar break by Boras.

The rocker “One Good Reason” rounds out the EP. Ross’s bass is the foundation of the track. Boras’s powerful lead vocal drives the song, and Ross and Slater contribute very effective backing vocals. In a Q&A that New Myths did for Goldmine’s Web site in September 2019, Boras said of the song: “I was watching a documentary about life in Amish communities and was getting so angry at how young girls were expected to get married and have children at such a young age, before they've even had a chance to know themselves or see the world. It made me feel very fortunate to grow up in an environment where I can ultimately decide who I want to be, what I want to do and how I want to live.”

All The Shiny Things shows how well the band, honed by many live shows over the past few years, work together as a unit. The EP is available in digital format from Amazon, Apple Music and other retailers.

It is a bit disappointing that New Myths’ great rocked-up and slowed-down cover of EMF’s “Unbelievable” is not included as part of the EP. But it is available as a standalone single and is also well worth checking out.

New Myths will be performing at a record release party on Thursday, November 18th at TV Eye, 1647 Weirfeld Street, Ridgewood, Queens, NY 11385.

The terrific, animated video for “Fever Dream” can be seen below:

The clip for “Bad Connection,” which includes a funny spoof of 1980’s heavy-metal videos, can be viewed below:

The video for “Living Doll,” which was shot in quarantine and features the band members filmed separately, can be seen below:

“Time Bomb” can be heard below:

The outstanding video for “One Good Reason’ can be seen below:

Additional information about New Myths, including live dates, can be found at