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"Pink Floyd On Forty-Five"

“Pink Floyd On Forty-Five” by Charles Beterams, reviewed by Susan Sliwicki.

At first glance, this hardcover book seems to promise a slice of seven-inch heaven for fans of the band and the format alike.

The book certainly offers a nice bit of visual history. It’s fascinating to compare and contrast the 45s released from countries ranging from Angola to Zimbawbe.

While each entry features the catalog number, release year, country of origin, a photo of the label (and, when available, the sleeve) — all of which are useful for identification — it lacks a key component: prices.

In the foreword, Herve Denoyelle shares a story about snagging the Pink Floyd “Arnold Layne” 45 promo for £50 in the 1980s that very quickly rose in value. While he shares that the 45 today is a “solid four-figures item,” that’s about all of the pricing information you will find in this book.

If you adore all things Floyd and can live with paying the euro equivalent of $38 (give or take a few cents depending on conversion rates) for a little coffee-table book fun, give this book a closer look. But if you want more for your money, consider investing in one of the featured 45s or another piece of memorabilia you’ll enjoy for a longer time.