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Please Mr. Postman: Frankie Valli, 4-tracks and more

What's on the minds of Goldmine's readers? Find out in this installment of Please Mr. Postman!

Reader likes Frankie, 4-tracks

A belated thanks for your great Frankie Valli interview (Issue 717), really enjoyed it.

As a longtime Valli fan, I’m thrilled to see Collectors’ Choice Music is putting all of his solo LPs on CD — finally and long overdue, so thanks to them, as well.

Also, enjoyed your article on the 4-track cartridge! I’d love to see you guys do one on Playtapes. These were small, 8-track type tapes. They either had four songs or eight songs and two channels (unlike the eight tracks, four channels). I still have a player for them and a box full of tapes, including many Beatles Playtapes.

— Dave McAllister

Stoneham, Mass.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for the kind words, Dave! We’ve got another Complete Collector column by Dave Thompson in this issue (see page 14). This time, Dave is talking about bootlegs, but we’ll be sure to pass along your request to learn more about Playtapes!}


Brit bands rule reader’s list

I’m writing to let you know what my five favorite albums are.

1. Exile on Main Street — Rolling Stones

2. Who’s Next — The Who

3. The White Album — The Beatles

4. Live At Fillmore East —The Allman Brothers

5. Morrison Hotel — The Doors

— Ed Morency

Jackman, Maine


Reader offers Fave 5 — and a few

I’m writing in response to Alan Armstrong’s letter about what five LPs/CDs to take if one were on an island. Here are my five:

1. Friday on My Mind — The Easybeats

2. Roots —The Everly Brothers

3. Gene Clark With the Gosdin Brothers — Gene Clark

4. Comso’s Factory — Creedence Clearwater Revival

5. Elvis’ Christmas Album — Elvis Presley

This took some serious thinking. I picked those five because they get played regularly on my turntable. Here’s three that almost made the list.

1. 20/20 — The Beach Boys

2. Chicago Transit Authority — Chicago

3. The Doors — The Doors

I look forward to seeing others’ picks.

— Gerald Ramey Jr.

Dayton, Ohio


Reader mourns Brewer’s death

I was sorry to learn that Teresa Brewer, the cute little singer with a big, beautiful voice, passed away. In the fifties, she had several big hits, and your short article failed to mention any of them. Some of her biggest hits were: “Wheel of Fortune,” “Richochet,” “Music, Music, Music,” “‘Til I Waltz Again With You,” and “A Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl.”

According to Bruce Elrod’s “Your Hit Parade and American Top Ten Hits” and Joel Whitburn’s “Billboard HIts 1955-1959,” that tabulate popular music:

• “Music, Music, Music” got to #2 in March 1950

• “Wheel of Fortune” got to #1 and stayed there for six weeks in March/April of 1952

• “Sweet Old-Fashioned Girl” got to #9 and was on the charts for more than a month.

I am probably in the minority, but I would like more coverage of music from the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Your ’50s section hasn’t