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Please Mr. Postman: Good memories with The Beach Boys, questions about The Myddle Class and more

What's on the minds of Goldmine's readers? Find out in this installment of Please Mr. Postman! Topics include Eddie Rich, The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, The Myddle Class and The Beach Boys.

Eddie Rich is overlooked artist

Eddie Rich of the legendary Swallows from Baltimore is one guy that has been overlooked for induction to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Eddie is 76 and still performs with his group “Eddie Rich & the Sensational Swallows.”

Eddie and his group are slated for a show on a Baltimore Inner Harbor cruise boat event this September. Eddie’s backup group is made up of men he’s known since the singers were children in Baltimore.

In the last year, Eddie did two radio interviews at XM Satellite radio in Washington, D.C. with “Dr. Nick” of Soul Street and “Matt the Cat,” director of programming for the ’50s channel. I have copies of the interview if you are interested.

Additionally, I have some recent studio recordings of Eddie and the Sensational Swallows doing some of The Swallows’ hits.

I know Eddie would be grateful for your consideration. I can provide Eddie’s contact information if you would like to reach Eddie.

— Bob Burnopp

via e-mail

Reader offers Rock Hall solution

Enough of your whining about who is or isn’t in the Rock Hall!!

My solution — just don’t go!!

Living in Pittsburgh, I visited the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame every year for seven years straight until 2005. That was when I just got fed up with the ever-increasing admission price, over-priced food and beverage concessions (my last meal there made me sick) and lack of new exhibits!!! And forget about the “souvenirs” — more of the same price-gouging on T-shirts, wall reproductions, and CDs/videos!!

They also have the gall to staff the facility with “volunteers” to take tickets and man their rip-off stands. How stupid do you have to be to get sucked into those jobs?

Most of all, I will continue my boycott until the nimrods on the Executive Board wake up and stop nominating these marginal acts with dubious cultural significance like Leonard Cohen, Percy Sledge, etc.

I’m sure these two acts have their fan base, but it’s dwarfed by the legions of Chicago, Moody Blues, etc., fans who bought millions of albums and CDs for more than 40 years or more of popularity. And both of these acts (there’s hundreds more, too) were the first of their genre — they were absolutely influential!! These clowns are trying to rewrite musical history as they see it, not how it was. After spending 20 years in the music business, I see these types of narrow-minded, opinionated dweebs as the reason the music business is a thing of the past.

It’s simple marketing really — how can you have a HOF that doesn’t represent these important acts? More people through the turnstiles would help their sagging bottom line immensely. Then maybe they’d be able to get some more imaginative exhibits and rotate them on a more frequent basis.

Bottom line — don’t patronize such a biased sham as the Rock Hall!

— Richard Cline


What’s up with The Myddle Class?

I read the article about Carole King and the Tapestry album. It mentioned that she married the bass player from a band called the Myddle Class.

As a fan of the Velvet Underground, I recognized the Myddle Class name, because all VU bios mention the Myddle Class. The VU had their first show as the opening act for the Myddle Class in 1965.

I also found on the internet that the MC’s lead singer was once a lead singer for Steely Dan.