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Please Mr. Postman: Issue 725

Writers put in their requests for more stories about record labels and top 40 classics, look back at the DC5's Mike Smith and share their view about the Rock Hall.

More Top 40 classics, please

Letter writer Robert Courtney’s e-mail regarding “Keep the doo-wop coming” is right on target.

Although I, myself, am not into doo-wop big time (I prefer it in moderate doses), I personally love some of the other neglected genres such as the all-encompassing Top 40 music of the ’60s and the obscurities of the era, and what is now considered to be “Northern Soul.” I also love the old “chicken rock” or middle-of-the-road vocalists and instrumentalists of the ’50s and ’60s.

But, I don’t see cover stories being written about the people who made this music anymore, just the occasional blurb here and there about them in your magazine. While I realize that radio and publications like to skew to what’s popular with a younger demographic for best impact with advertisers, there are still plenty of us out there who count and who actively collect 45s, LPs and CDs (and when absolutely forced to, MP3s!) of older music and would like to see this field mined, as well.

And, I’m not just talking about Elvis and The Beatles who have been covered to death! Please be aware of this for future issues.

Thank you.

— Tom Buck

Sacramento, Calif.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Tom, we hope you enjoyed our Rick Nelson (#724, cover date April 25, 2008) and Frankie Valli (#717, cover date Jan. 18, 2008) cover articles. We also hope you’ll stay tuned throughout 2008 to enjoy some of the other great cover topics we have planned, including Motown, The Beach Boys and, yes, The Beatles, along with our regular columns that focus more on the music from the eras, artists and genres you mentioned, such as The Fabulous ’50s, Harmony Lane, and Dahl’s Digs, which appears on page 12 of this issue.}


Writer would love label stories

I’m a great fan of Goldmine magazine and I find myself looking forward to reading John Tefteller’s World’s Rarest Records ad. Everytime I read over it, I find a slew of record labels I have never seen before.

I thought it would be interesting if you have a small, regular “Record label of the month” feature where you chose a label or two and write a small blurb about them: When they started, how long it was around, what artists were released on said label, etc. It would certainly be educational!

— Morgan Sanderson

North Pole, Alaska


Rock Hall keeps missing the boat

Hi, I liked your issues about Rock And Roll Hall of Fame.

I have a couple questions about the hall, who should be there and who shouldn’t. I know probably half of the inductees don’t belong in hall; it’s a shame they don’t get in the way they should.

I thought any halls of fame had certain guidelines to get in. For pop, rock hall you had to have so many million sellers, #1 hits, Top 10 hits, Top 40 hits, weeks on charts, platinum and gold records, by Billboard charts. I guess this doesn’t hold true; they seem to let anybody they want in.

I did a personal survey from Joel Whitburn’s books from 1940 to 1988 pop and rock, and I made a list of Top 50 artists of all time. This includes big bands, pop, and rock and roll, and you’d be surprised of artists who didn’t make it to hall.

— Rod H.

Aurora, Colo., via e-mail