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Please Mr. Postman: Letters from our readers 2

We asked Goldmine readers to let us know which artists have been overlooked for induction by the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

In honor of the upcoming 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, here's a round of reader letters about which artists they say the Rock Hall has overlooked.


Until Jethro Tull, the Moody Blues, ELP and Yes are in, the Hall of Fame will continue to be a nothing more than a private club for a few popular rock bands/acts which are allowed membership by club owners who think their tastes epitomize the true meaning of rock music.

— Doug Dalton, via e-mail


Gary Lewis and the Playboys should be in the Hall of Fame. Many Top Tens, many more on the chart. They get a bad rap for others con-tributing to their music, but studio musicians like The Wrecking Crew commonly played for others back then in L.A., including groups in the HOF.

— Grant Johnson, via e-mail


Connie Francis: A) 16 Top Ten hits!; B) three #1 hits; C) more than 50 charted records.

The first true female recording STAR in a field that was initially male-dominated. Her presence undoubtably gave hope to aspiring young girl singers of that conservative era. That she was not included in the initial 1986 class with her peers (Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, James Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and The Everly Brothers) was unbelievable.

That 20 years later, she STILL has not been accepted is unconscionable! And this is not bad-mouthing anyone else who has been inducted. I’m just saying its time to do the right thing and induct her. Thank you.

— Dave Schreier, via e-mail


Here are a few bands that definitely belong in the hall of fame: Steppenwolf, Love, Alice Cooper, Spirit, just to name a few. These are REAL rock and roll bands!

 — David Henstock, via e-mail


I have come to believe that it’s a totally political institution anymore. Nonetheless, I would love to see Paul Revere & The Raiders inducted. I’ve had many conversations with former lead singer Mark Lindsay on this very subject. He would love to have that honor bestowed on the band. Mark personally made more than 700 television appearances; the Raiders were regulars or hosts of a number of music-based shows in the ’60s; and they gave Columbia Records their first gold record, Indian Reservation, in 1971. Also, many bands and artists have named the Raiders as a big influence in their own musical recordings.

— Sue Lucas, via e-mail


Golden Earring!

Together since 1961. Same lineup since 1970. Still selling out concerts. Ask Steve Harris or Ted Nugent how great this band is.

— Craig W. Stotler, via e-mail


This has been said many times before, but there is no legitimate reason for The Guess Who to not be in the Rock Hall. You can’t put many of the previous inductees against Burton, Randy and the rest. You just can’t...

— Doug Johnson, via e-mail


Wanda Jackson! No one before her or since her com