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Please Mr. Postman: More Rock Hall discussions, British Blues and 1950s coverage

What's on the minds of Goldmine's readers? Find out in this installment of Please Mr. Postman! Topics include: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, British Blues, 1950s coverage and more!

Reader offers cheers and jeers

Boo to reviewer Carlo Wolff for failing to mention in his review of The Complete On The Corner Sessions With Miles Davis the most overlooked and under-recorded electric guitarist of the 20th century: Pete Cosey.

Thumbs down to reviewer Michael Galucci calling Ike Turner a wife-beating crackhead. Crack did not exist back then.

And thank you to writer Rush Evans for his article on Hank Williams.

— Michael Fitzpatrick

Lakewood, Ohio

Monkees deserve to join Rock Hall

I agree with Ed Brown’s comment on the (Rock And Roll Hall of Fame) ceremonies.

But I think another big problem was performers not performing. Why did not Madonna sing? Or Leonard Cohen? After all, it is the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame; they should be rockin’, not just talkin.’ Also, it is a crying shame The Monkees are not yet inducted.

— Robert Feinstein

via e-mail

Reader loves Who, Midnight Oil

Glad you see your recent article on The Who, but I would have liked to see much more on Daltrey’s response to reaction to the great ’06 Endless Wire. It want to #8 in Billboard its first week, but after selling 80,000 copies, it inexplicably fell quickly off the Top 200. And Wire showed up on only two Top 10 World charts. Also, after ’02’s great Capricornia, where is Midnight Oil? Will they record again after Peter Garrett’s tenure in Australian Parliament?

— Martin Abraham

New York, N.Y.

Writer offers RRHOF alternative

I submit a proposal to Goldmine, the true, original rock and roll magazine.

I have always felt that there was a bias toward rock ’n’ roll “pop” music regarding the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Although I was very happy to see two of my longtime favorites make the hall, that being the DC5 and The Ventures, Goldmine readers mention many artists who have been passed over and many who sadly will probably never make it unless there is a Veterans Committee like baseball to induct some artists who always seem to be passed over. Many of these, while they had many hits or albums that sold well due to the fact that they may have been too “pop” for inclusion to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame, are passed over again and again while some artists who, in my opinion, are not considered rock and roll are included

I don’t have a problem including some pioneers of rock that are in, but without naming anyone, after the fact, I’m sure Goldmine readers will guess who really weren’t rock and roll aside from the early roots of R&B and country. I propose that someone, actually, Goldmine, step forward and honor those artists in what I would call the Goldmine “Pop” Rock And Roll Separate Hall of Fame. However Goldmine would choose to do this, either with a ceremony or just with articles in Goldmine, would honor these artists by naming and inducting them into a Goldmine “Pop” Rock and Roll Separate Hall of Fame for those not already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Beginning in the ’50s, you could start with Pat Boone (second only to Elvis in Billboard ’50s decade). And Connie Francis and Neil Sedaka. Moving to the early ’60s, we could include Gene Pitney, Johnny Rivers and then America’s response to the British Invasion with groups like The Beau Brummels, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Gary Lewis and the Playboys and The Grassroots. Then, back to England with Donovan, The Hollies, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Searchers (due to their success in England and the U.S.) and The Zombies, moving on back to America to honor Neil Diamond,