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Please Mr. Postman: Readers sound off on Boston, favorite guitar solos, Sound Advice and Southern Rock classics

What's on the minds of Goldmine's readers? Find out in this installment of Please Mr. Postman! Topics include Boston, favorite guitar solos, more Southern Rock classics and Sound Advice. Ready to write your own letter? Click here to e-mail a letter now!

More Southern Rock classics

1. Dog Days — Atlanta Rhythm Section

2. Red Tape — Atlanta Rhythm Section

3. Sea Level — Sea Level

4. Third Annual Pipe Dream — Atlanta Rhythm Section

5. Ozark Mountain Daredevils — Ozark Mountain Daredevils

While we’re at it, influential yet much overlooked omitted Rock and Roll Hall of Fame artists. (Mr. Wenner, whaddaya thinking, man?) Poco, Chicago, Yes, Deep Purple, The Raspberries, Kenny Loggins & Jim Messina, Alice Cooper, The Cowsills, Todd Rundgren, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Humble Pie, Paul Weller, Big Star, Badfinger, Steppenwolf & Smokey Robinson (maybe he’s already there).

— R.T. Walton

via e-mail


Reader shares fave guitar solos

Hello. You’re probably getting a lot of mail on your guitar solo article in the May 9, 2008, issue. Here’s another with some of my favorites:

Allan Holdsworth – “In the Dead of Night” – U.K. Supreme solo on an album full of great Holdsworth solos.

Ronnie Montrose – “Voyager” – Gamma. A great tune, and perfect example of building a solo to a great climax.

Steve Lukather – “Dirty Laundry” – Don Henley. Crappy tune, but a truly killer solo.

Jeff Beck – “Lucky at Love” – Mick Jagger. Another crappy tune, but with a short, explosive Beck solo. The 12-inch mix has a longer solo that’s even better.

Jeff Beck – “Ambitious” – Flash. Solo at the end of the tune is Beck at his best.

Robert Fripp – “It’s No Game” – David Bowie. Great tone, few notes, stunning.

Pete Townshend – “Young Man Blues” – Kids Are Alright Soundtrack. Premier example of PT’s use of “noise” in a solo.

Billy Gibbons – “Jesus Just Left Chicago” – ZZ Top. Nice and sweaty. Classic.

Zappa – "I Come from Nowhere” – Ship Arriving Too Late. HUGE solo that will crush your speakers.

Terry Kath – “South California Purples” – CTA. CTA album is full of great Kath solos – a true legend.

Jan Akkerman – ”Anonymous II” – Focus III. Very long tune — so what — just more killer Akkerman.

Eric Johnson – “Friends” – Tones. THE tone.

Steve Hackett – “Firth of Fifth” – Genesis. One of the greatest solos ever. Ever.

— Robert Biondi

Kennett Square, Penn.


Nelson, Sound Advice draw raves

Thank you for doing the cover story on Ricky Nelson. I thoroughly enjoyed it — not easy covering Ricky’s entire career in five to six pages — however, you seemed to do it nicely with the knowledgeable people/friends of Ricky’s that you interviewed.

And the podcasts on the Goldmine Web site with Ricky’s twin sons, Matthew and Gunnar, along with noted musicologist Jim Ritz, were excellent and added a nice touch to the entire article.

I’m glad to see that Ricky’s music still lives in the hearts of many.

I’m really enjoying the Sound Advice column with music expert Tim Neely’s responses. I’m sure I’ll have a question or two about collecting vinyl and vinyl values in the future. What a