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Poobah brings joy to collecting '70s rock

Ripple Music has had some damn good releases in 2010 — among them is the reissue of Poobah's 1972 album

"Let Me In" (Special Collectors Edition Vinyl)
Ripple Music (RIPLP002)


By Pat Prince

Ripple Music has had some damn good releases in 2010 — among them is the reissue of Poobah's 1972 album "Let Me In" on smokey-white colored vinyl. Ripple included a second platter in this edition, too, complete with unreleased songs, live rehearsals, outtakes, and jams in the band's living room. This second disc is a nice addition but somewhat unnecessary. The 1972 album stands on its own.

The best songs on "Let Me In" are the ones with beefy, garage rock riffs like "Mr. Destroyer," and the true jam "Live to Work." "Mr Destroyer" really does have a wonderful riff that will transport you to everything that was 'good' in the 1970s. Almost Sabbath-y in nature, vocalist/guitarist Jim Gustafson channels vintage Ozzy in his vocal delivery to match the powerful guitar sound. A treasure.

Then there's the classic guitar licks of the space rock song "Bowleen" — a true 5-star song of that genre. It would have made even a young Syd Barrett proud.

There are some downers on the disc, though. "Enjoy What You Have" is listenable and good-intentioned, but it is fogged-in by a mellow California '60s daze. This is where you instinctively pick up the turntable's arm and skip to the next song.

If "Let Me In" proves anything, almost 40 years later, it's that Poobah was best suited to kick out the jams with rough, giant rock riffs ala timeless garage rock. This may be 2010 but, for the most part. we need more music like this around today. The reissue of "Let Me In" is one of my picks of the year. Certainly a Goldmine Pick!

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