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Review of Rainbow's 'Live in Germany' double album

The official Rainbow live album “On Stage” is mostly Japan with a touch of Germany. This one is all Germany, but otherwise, the same set.

Live in Germany
Eagle (Double CD)

By Martin Popoff

“Live In Germany” previously existed as a Spitfire double from 2001, with the original set hailing from ’76. History lesson: The official Rainbow live album “On Stage” is mostly Japan with a touch of Germany, and this is all Germany, but otherwise the same set.

The material difference is the addition of ersatz party rocker “Do You Close Your Eyes.” Only difference I can see from the original Spitfire release is the fix of all the typos in the short liner essay. In any event, what you get is a frantic, dramatic, mid-range-y live set featuring Rainbow at its alchemical peak — compressed, claustrophobic, with a lot to prove and proving it with every drum punctuation, vocal ad-lib and fiery lick. Highlights are the world-unto-itself “Stargazer,” a biting version of 16th-century “Greensleeves,” and “Kill The King,” in all its proto-thrash glory. But, man, “Live In Germany” is more about performance, and the reason we might/should care about live albums, in particular.

Rainbow Live in Germany

Cozy Powell is driving Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio crazy, to new levels, picking a fight. Final note: this is a double CD with eight songs on it — jammy, stretchy math I never friggin’ liked, but it’s up to you.