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Rick Nelson’s 1969 Troubadour sessions are unique

Rick Nelson
In Concert
The Troubadour, 1969
Grade: *****

By Kent McCombs

Culled from Rick Nelson’s 1969 Troubadour sessions, these songs were recorded live and selected tracks were released on the Decca gatefold LP 75162 early the following year. Rick and his Stone Canyon Band had worked up about 24 songs for the concert event and Decca recorded each of the sets (up to three performances a night during the week long engagement) which provided Rick a good sampling for his successful LP Rick Nelson In Concert. And obviously, left many songs in the Decca vaults yet to be discovered and enjoyed once again.


Fortunately for us, Ace Records has done just that, and sometime in early February 2011 will release a deluxe 2-CD edition with unique artwork, pictures and liner notes included.

CD 1 begins with the re-mastering of the original 1970 12-track LP in original format. From there, Ace Records has included newly heard variations of these same songs as well as some of the remaining tracks that Rick had prepared for the event, such as “Travelin’ Man,” “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You,” “Lady Came From Baltimore” and “Poor Little Fool.”

CD 2 picks up where CD 1 leaves off — with two more newly heard sets. Unique introduction by Doug Weston, original owner and founder of the Troubadour, followed by Rick’s varied arrangements of his selected musical repertoire including “My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It,” “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today” and “It’s Late.”
ick’s playful banter between songs on this second CD is a pleasant surprise and sheer delight to the spirit — a must for his present fans and music lovers everywhere.

And we’ve not heard the last from Ricky’s extensive catalog, as there is still much yet to be released. We’ll leave that task to Ace Records’ crackerjack sleuthing skills and ability to release some of the finest music ever presented.