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"The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia" by Michael Gray

“The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia” by Michael Gray, reviewed by Susan Sliwicki.

This handy reference first published in 2006 has been updated and revised for its paperback debut.

Gray has dedicated more than 30 years to research of the topic, and that dedication shows in the exhaustive entries. From Kenny Aaronson to the Zimmerman family, there are a ton of entries related to Dylan and his world that few but the most dedicated fan would know.

A nice variety of photos scattered throughout the book breaks up the text — which stands firmly on its own as a fascinating read. Encyclopedia is an almost unfair term, because that implies this book is filled with little but dates and dry facts. These entries are entertaining, and it’s hard to stop after reading just one.

Because it’s in alphabetical order, “The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia” is so easy to navigate, the index almost seems unnecessary.

Its only drawback? At 756 pages, this hefty volume will make your arms very tired once you discover you can’t bring yourself to put it down.