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"Woodstock Vision: The Spirit Of A Generation"

Elliot Landy's book, reviewed by Joyce Greenholdt

In the 1960s, photographer Elliott Landy was covering both celebrity press parties and political protests, as well as capturing shots of performers in the folk and psychedelic music scene on the East Coast. While “Woodstock Vision” only devotes 90 of its 324 pages to the actual music festival, where Landy was the official photographer, the remainder serves to set the scene and showcases many of the musicians that performed at Woodstock.

The author provides some commentary in the earlier sections, but for the most part lets his photos tell the story, from black-and-white photos of protestors being beaten by police to celebrity parties to rock concerts and candid shots of such musicians as Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan And The Band, and Jimi Hendrix.

The pages devoted to Woodstock, in addition to a wealth of photos of the event, include an introduction by Jerry Garcia and interviews and commentary by key behind-the-scenes people, by members of the audience and by residents of Woodstock, N.Y.

For anyone who was there, this book is sure to bring back memories. For those of us who weren’t, it gives a vivid picture of what it must have been like, from the fired-up crowds and performers to the frantic scramble to keep people fed in the face of overwhelming crowds to the churned-up fields of mud where spectators huddled under whatever cover they could find — when they could find any.