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Zenith Moon are certainly a band to keep an eye on

With slick production, musical savvy and a formidable vocalist, Zenith Moon have all the right elements to be a successful and popular rock band.
Zenith Moon

With the single “Gypsy” (shown above), the band Zenith Moon have been promoted as “if Led Zeppelin went home with the Baby Animals and Aretha Franklin.” 

Well, kind of. 

The Led Zeppelin/Aretha Franklin references are due to Kahli’s powerful vocals. She is certainly a force. The Melbourne trio’s music is as good, but not as easy to define. It grooves as a free spirit unaware of boundaries. It’s smooth and soulful but contains all the rock and roll edginess, which is at the ready to explode at any time. The producer of this single knew how to lead the band in the right direction, producing a fine rock and roll number with plenty of depth, and proving Zenith Moon have much potential.  

A band to certainly watch in the years to come.

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